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Inspired by The Royal Wedding!

                So I held off being obsessed with the Royal Wedding for a while, but now I have to admit that I’m totally hooked. BBC America had a great piece this weekend on the role of the Queen in government and other royal intricacies. So, for the past few days, I’ve been watching The Princess … Continue reading

Cutting Edge – Jig Review

In this section, I’ll feature the latest news in the Irish Dance world! From dresses to videos and everything in between! Cutting Edge – Jig Review With Jig coming to theaters in the UK and Ireland in the next week or so, the hype for the documentary is mounting. Clips and interviews have been all … Continue reading

High Clicks – CLRG World Championships Edition

I’m starting a new weekly section called “High Clicks”! This section features hot links from around the Irish Dance world! Videos, fun news dresses, etc. Anything I think an Irish Dancer would find fun and interesting! For this week, a CLRG World Championships edition! 1. I featured it earlier this week, but this is the … Continue reading

CLRG Irish Dance World Championships – Wrap Up

Sadly, all great things must come to an end! Today was the last day of the 2011 CLRG Irish Dance World Championships. I had a great time obsessing over the live commentary and streaming! The quality of dancing that I could see was incredible and the outfits didn’t disappoint either. I think this is one … Continue reading

CLRG World Irish Dancing Championship 2011 – Day 6

Big day at the World Championships today! Senior ladies and U20 ladies as well as the Senior Dance Dramas and U19 Girls Ceili! I was up this morning to watch the senior ladies. So inspiring! Keep at it, ladies! Proof that you don’t have to stop dancing just because you’re legally allowed to drink in … Continue reading

CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 5

Another fabulous day at the 2011 Irish Dance World Championships! Only two days left! Plenty of great outfits again today. I have to say that while I love looking at the dance dresses, looking at everyone else’s outfits is just as fun! So many stylish and beautiful people. Does someone from England want to help … Continue reading

CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 4

About halfway through the 2011 World Championships! A great day for dresses today! So many fabulous and what will most likely be iconic, trendsetting, dresses! I’m on Easter break now, so I know how my mornings will be spent! Live streaming during thesis writing! Check back tomorrow for updates if I can find more pictures … Continue reading

CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 3

Day 3 Updates Another exciting day! Today was the first ceili competitions as well as Girls U15 and Boys U15 and U16. Day 3 saw the first American dancer crowned World Champion in Ann Paige Turrili from Inishfree! Electric Ceili also performed for the crowd before results and I’ve heard great things about them. Looking … Continue reading

TV3 Report from CLRG World Championships 2011 and Parade!

An exciting insight into what’s going on at the Worlds, TV3 posted their report of the day’s activities. It showcases the step-about that the podium dancers from yesterday danced for Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland. http://www.tv3.ie/news.php?video=34858&locID=1.2 Besides some really cute interviews, it also shows the new dresses in action! Niamh’s gorgeous new white dress … Continue reading

What to Wear There? – CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011: Dancers

 As Irish dancers, we spend tons of time figuring out dress colors and exactly what we want our next competition look to be. It can be easy to forget what to plan the outfits for the times when you’re not dancing! No worries! In this section, I’ll break down some outfit ideas so you don’t … Continue reading

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