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Chic Dance Wear – Irish Pride

While so much of the fun of Irish Dance is dressing up for competitions, looking cute at dance practice can be just as fun! In this section, I’ll feature cute new dance wear and companies that have a new take on what to wear when you’re practicing.

Irish Pride


The first company in the spotlight is Irish Pride. This California based company was founded in 2008 and has a wide array of Irish inspired clothing.

One of the best things about the clothes is that every piece of clothing has their logo on it. It’s a Celtic cross inspired logo with “Irish Pride” written boldly across it. Even if you’re not Irish, it’s still a great way to show your pride in being an Irish Dancer!

Courtesy of Irish Pride

Along with a wide variety of normal clothes, the company offers items specifically designed for Irish Dancers. Many of the items feature a celtic knotwork heart and ghillies.


My favorite item is their dance skort. Printed on an American Apparel skort and embroidered with the heart and ghillie design, the skort fits great and still perfect for practicing. The shorts allow a wide range of movement and the material is extremely breatheable. For me, at 5’2”, the skort hit just above my fingertips. Perfect for a look that’s both athletic and feminine.

They also offer a wide variety of wife beaters that are great for working out in. My favorite has a claddagh on the front and the Irish Pride logo on the back in the middle of the razorback. The design gives classic Irish symbolism a fun modern twist. The shirt also fits really nicely, not too tight or too big.  

Performance wear

In addition to dance practice, Irish Pride’s clothes are perfect for low key performances, especially in warm weather. For inspiration, here’s a picture of my dance team wearing the dance skort and tank top with poodle socks during a recent performance. We thought it added just the right amount of youth and fun while still being classy.

Performance Wear

For more information about Irish Pride, follow them on twitter @myirishpride or look around their website at http://myirishpride.com/index.html!

What do you think? What are your favorite dance wear companies?




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