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What to Wear There? – CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011

As Irish dancers, we spend tons of time figuring out dress colors and exactly what we want our next competition look to be. It can be easy to forget what to plan the outfits for the times when you’re not dancing! No worries! In this section, I’ll break down some outfit ideas so you don’t have to and keep working on those drums!

What to Wear There – CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011

One of the best times of the Irish dancing year is upon us! The CLRG World Championships start on Sunday from Dublin, Ireland. It’s the first time the Worlds has returned to Dublin in a while and should be an amazing event with tons of phenomenal dancing. But what to wear when you’re not dancing…? Our first in this series is for TCRGs. Stay tuned for other additions throughout the week!

For TCRGs…

Almost as on display as the children they teach, TCRGs outfits can also be talked about as much as a “stunning” new dress. So, it’s key to look fashionable while still maintaining a classy and elegant look that reflects their important role in the Irish dance community.

The key is to opt for a conservative cocktail like outfit. Imagine hosting a big fundraising dinner or attending a dinner at a big conference. Look for pieces that combine an element of fun with a toned down, more formal element. For example, if you want a bright print, look for dress shapes in an A-line or shift dress. On the flip side, if you have a nice pencil skirt, you can dress it up with a fun blouse. Make sure to watch hem lengths though and ensure that they’re appropriate. A lot of the cameras for awards photography are located on the ground, so they look up at the awardees. Last thing you want is for your dress to look scandelously short in pictures!

I would base heels on personal preference, as long as it goes with the outfit and you can run around in them for very long days. You could always bring a pair of snazzy heels for photos and spend the rest of the day in flats.

Fun earrings, necklaces and rings can be a great way to show off your fashion sense as well. As long as it won’t bother you all day, go for statement necklaces and rings. You deserve some glitz as well!

For the 2011 Worlds, I chose an outfit that was fun, but still mature and classy. The pink belt in the dress reflects the celebratory nature of the event, while the black and white keeps the dress from being too over the top. I added black wedge heels to the dress to add shoes that were both on-trend for the Spring while being comfortable enough to keep on all day while running from stage to stage. Finally, I finished the look with a 4 leaf clover necklace to add a little luck!

TCRG Example Outift
 Dress Shoes Necklace

This outfit is a perhaps a little more on the young side, but I think it could still be pulled off by older TCRGs because of the classic A-line. Here are some outfit ideas that would be professional, but fun for running around at Worlds. Dress 1 and 2 both use the traditional business skirt and blouse model but dress it up in different ways. Dress 1 uses a bold skirt while dress 2 plays with lace overlays. Dress 3 is a bit more of a party dress, but the cardigan would be perfect for a TCRG who’s a little more spunky. The dress features animal prints throughout the dress but blends them in a very unique and classy way. Who says TCRGs can’t wear fun prints too? And lastly, dress 4 is in a very classic and figure flattering cut, but the bright color adds a little bit of pop. The color might not be for everyone, but the dress style is very appropriate.

Alternate TCRG outfits

 Dress 1,2,4 Dress 3

 As a side note, dresses 1,2,and 4 come from the website renttherunway.com. It’s a website that allows you to rent designer dresses for a 4 day period at costs as low as $50. It’s perfect for an event like this! It also has a great user review system that allows you to figure out how a certain dress would look on you.

Tell me what you think!

Do you look at the TCRGs for outfit inspiration? What would you wear if you were a TCRG?



2 thoughts on “What to Wear There? – CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011

  1. Thanks for a fun post to read- a refreshing change of topic!
    I for one always make sure that my attire can never be looked down upon as being scandalous, “too young”, or ridiculously flashy. Just like my students onstage, I represent my school, my region, and Irish Dance teaching as a profession.

    It’s paid off… dancers and parents have confided in me that they appreciate my maturity in dress, and that they are proud to be seen with me at competitions.

    Thanks again for the post!

    Posted by irishdanceteacher | April 19, 2011, 2:43 pm


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