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CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 1

The Worlds have started!! As Rebecca Black would say, we, we, we SO excited!

I was lucky enough to be home during the ceremony for Marie Duffy and I have to say it was a very inspiring speech. She’s accomplished so much in the Irish Dance community and come through so much. Certainly an inspiration! She announced that she would be started a foundation for the development of Irish Dance. It sounded to encompass a pretty broad area of Irish Dance, so I’m excited to see the developments of it! Onwards and Upwards, indeed.

The first day of dancing certainly didn’t disappoint with dresses, either! Here are what I saw as some of the main trends from today. I’m working on some drawings of what the trends look like and they’ll be posted later, once I finish them!

So… Day 1 Trends

1. A lot of broad horizontal crossings that are placed off-center. The crossings take up the entire bodice. Imagine the big lattice patterns that have been big recently, tilted 45 degrees and blown up. Gavin has several pictures of these dresses on his facebook page, like this one

2. Along the same lines, a lot of asymmetries drawn from the kimono style. It’s not obviously a kimono, but it’s the same lines and color patterns as the original kimono dress that Gavin made last year. The dress on the left of this picture shows this trend fairly well.

3. Big and clear designs on skirts. Skirts were getting simpler for a bit, but it looks like designs are coming back. There were several skirts today that were appliqued with clear designs. Other dresses were a simple skirt with scrolling swirls across the bottom. I quite like them!

4. Bright neon colors are very popular with dark colored accents. Red/black dresses have also been pretty popular.

5. Among the U11s and U12s, there have been many fewer cupcake skirts than there were this time last year. The pagentry look is taking a step back, it appears!

6. Barrell headbands are still popular, but there were a few fabric tiaras like the ones that were popular circa 2003. Brogan, of “Aye, I can!” fame, wore one in her wig when she won the U12 girls today. I think it does add an element of cleanliness when everything else is getting a little busy. The headbands can be overbearing sometimes.

7. If there’s a design splitting a color blocked dress, that design is being carried onto the skirt. It almost reminds me of a cape or a sash, the way it ends up lying diagonal and ending at the top of the skirt.

8. Along the same lines, a few dresses carried the color of the bodice onto the skirt so it almost looked like the bodice was one piece that was just placed over the skirt and rest of the dress. Really keeps the continuity of the bodice line without dropping the skirt waist any further.

9. I did spot some sparkly lame/glittery fabrics! Are we seeing a revival of glittery lame and glitterdot?? Metalics appear to be making a bit of a come back. I can imagine the dressmakers are cringing, but it does look nice in moderation.

10. In terms of skirts, there were a few skirts that had large almost petal panels overlaying a soft skirt. Julia O’Rourke’s new dress is a perfect example. If I didn’t know better, I would almost call them a 3-panel!

11. Another interesting trend is the development of belts and large horizontal lines. One frequent design is to have a large motif repeated three times on the bodice with ties to the sides. The motif is then worked into the skirt design somehow in larger form. Interesting! It looks like Gavin has a few simple belt designs for the older girls, so we’ll keep an eye out for them. This picture captures the belt design and the three motif design. This dress from Gavin in the Under 12s captures the 3 motif design beautifully as well!

12. Finally, the boys are joining the asymmetrical trend, particularly in the wrap look of the vests. They’re also showing some neons, but mostly a lot of reds/oranges/yellows. Looking sharp, fellows!

Notable Dresses

1. Niamh’s mirror dress. Gavin loves dressing her on the cutting edge of Irish dance fashion and continued to do so here! It looks like there are pieces of mirrors on the bodice that sparkle as she dances. The dress is all white with a tulle skirt, but the back cape is the rainbow that she’s been so known for. Gavin posted a video of her dancing in it here so you can see what it looks like in action. Here’s a good picture of her dress that Gavin also posted on facebook.

2. Julia’s petal dress. So adorable! Looks like a little flower. The black bodice has almost a belt of flowers and then the skirt is white tulle/some puffy material with pink petals overlaying it. Looks like a little flower!

Teachers were looking fabulous as well! Have to say the FAME girls were absolutely stunning, to steal a term from Irish dance dress sellers worldwide!

That’s what I spotted on the first day! Stay tuned to see if the same trends hold true with the older girls and how team dresses/dance drama costumes fall into place.

Did you spot any other dress trends? Remember to be nice with comments. These are little girls’ dresses in the end!



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