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CLRG Irish Dance World Championships – Day 2

Another day down at the World Championships! Today brought the U14 and U13 boys and girls and the junior dance drama championships. The president of Ireland, Mary McAleese made an appearance at the Worlds today and addressed the crowd. Everyone who heard it said it was fantastic, so I hope they put the video on the live commentary! Definitely an honor to have her come visit. The Three Tenors entertained the crowd as well! What an amazing day of activities!

But of course, the most exciting thing that happened today? More dresses! Not as many links to pictures today, but hopefully Gavin and Feispix will put up some more tomorrow and I’ll update.

Day 2 Trends

1. A trend I didn’t mention yesterday, animal print has become more popular. It’s largely on the bodice of dresses and is usually in bright colors. However, most of the dresses keep the rest of the dress simple so it works very well as a bright, fun accent. This dress of Gavin’s from the All-Irelands shows the trend rather well.

2. The metallic trend I mentioned yesterday was even more popular today. U14 winner Shannon Bradley’s dress had a lot of gold metallics in the accent work with a black base. Gavin even sported a gold trim on his suit! The metallic accent seems largely to be gold or copper based, but it will be interesting to see if silver makes more of an appearance later on in the week.

3. Along the same lines, there have been several all sequin bodices with no embroidery or applique. Sequins seem to be staging a bit of a comeback! I can hear the dressmakers screaming already!

4. Another bodice design that has been more popular today is the starburst design. This has rays of rhinestones radiating around a single point. Some centers are off to the side while some are in the middle of the dress. Usually, the back of the dress will be a dark color to emphasize the rhinestone pattern and there will be little other applique or design work. Striking!

5. In terms of skirts, there are still a wide variety but there are a few clear winners. The plisse skirt with rhinestone detailing is very popular. In addition, the layer soft skirt is also very popular. These two were by and far the most popular. Skirts with ruffles were also popular, more so than I’ve seen in the past. They aren’t really cupcake skirts, but have that kind of feel while still maintaining more of a plisse skirt structure.

There were several petal dresses like Claire Greaney’s dress and several knife pleat dresses. An interesting take on the petal dress, some skirts have the loose white material making the pleats, so it looks like it’s all one white skirt, but it actually moves and bounces as many individual pieces. The simple white or black skirt look is very popular, but the actual tailoring on the skirt is varied from plisse finishing to more of a pleated finish.

Not many puffballs and less cupcake skirts than in past years, though there were still several.

6. Having fabric covering the skirt and almost having the skirt popping out from under the dress was more popular today. The U14 winner, Cyra’s dress is a perfect example.

7. Along the lines of the big stripes from yesterday, big swooping stripes diagonally down across the bodice were popular today. Often when this design was used, a striping pattern would be used elsewhere in the dress that was counter the big swooping. So if the swoops were tilted to the right, the stripes on the skirt would be tilted to the left.

8. Another design that was more popular today was the asymmetrical corset look where the top of the “corset” cuts off on a diagonal.

9. In general, there’s minimal knotwork, though it could be argued that the large swoops incorporate some element of knotwork. It is still there though, just usually larger and bolder when it is used. Shannon Bradley’s dress is another example of this.

10. Large stones aren’t going anywhere! And it looks like neon is here in full force!

11. Though it may be a bit of a coincidence, there were several bun wigs on the podium of the U14 girls category. Will have to watch over the week and see if bun wigs are more popular in general and with the older girls.

Notable Dresses

There weren’t as many clear notable dresses today, but this the ones that really stood out to me. I thought all of the dresses were very nice today!

1. Olivia Murray’s red and pink flower dress (6th in U14). It has asymmetrical flowers on the right diagonal side of the dress in pink and white applique. The base of the dress is red and it has knife pleats with a floral design. Really classy and lovely! Suits her gorgeously. Reminds me a lot of Claire Greaney’s dress.

2. The U13 girls champion, Cyra’s dress is notable because it includes several trends. It’s a neon pink that features an off the shoulder corset. The pink bodice fabric carries onto the white ruffly skirt so that it looks like it peaks out the bottom. It also has a belt applique design and the applique is repeated on the skirt. And last but not least, the rhinestone starburst effect is on the middle of the bodice! She’s wearing a fabric tiara to boot like Brogan was yesterday! Those McConomy girls are super trendy it looks like, in the best way possible!

Other Notes

So many classy ladies and gents in the audience, as well! Have to admire the TCRGs running around in fabulous high heels. My kind of women! Also, I’ve decided that I’m absolutely hiring the FAME ladies to do my makeup for my next formal. Amazing work! First volunteer to be an intern!!

What do you think of Day 2 trends? Anything else really stick out to you? What are you most excited about. Remember to keep it nice.




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