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TV3 Report from CLRG World Championships 2011 and Parade!

An exciting insight into what’s going on at the Worlds, TV3 posted their report of the day’s activities. It showcases the step-about that the podium dancers from yesterday danced for Mary McAleese, the President of Ireland.


Besides some really cute interviews, it also shows the new dresses in action! Niamh’s gorgeous new white dress and Julia’s new petal dress are both shown in the clip, so you can really see what they look like dancing. Niamh’s dress is the loose panels with a distinct tutu quality that puffs, for lack of a better word, when she dances. Julia’s stays more solid with the petals only bouncing slighlty. Love them both!

Also, the quality of the dancing is fantastic! The control in those soft shoe steps is to die for! It’s especially shown at 0.51 with the dancers moving across the stage. Simply beautiful! Wish they had shown the boys though. They’re just as spectacular.

Finally, at about 0.25, they show dancers sitting on the ground wear dance jackets and the tutu skirts that I mentioned in my last post about off-duty dancer fashion! Love the look!

Hopefully we’ll get more updates throughout the week!

Luckily, someone posted the entire video of the parade that they had yesterday!

Some really amazing dancing! Loving the precise twirls that are still very popular. At 2:31, the dancer on the right (hard to tell exactly who it is with the lighting!) does a very cute twirl on one leg, with her other leg tucked at 90 degrees. It looks lovely! The dancer on the right at 1:35 does what looks like two rotations on one foot with perfect control. Amazing!

Another move I noticed was a kick move that looked a bit like when you hit your heel in the St. Patrick’s Day traditional set. The dancer in the right corner at 1:21 does it in her step. The dancer on the right at 1:52 also does one. It’s a bit of a quick hit on the ground. And often before a spin. Adds a nice effect.

A lot of movement and leg extensions! More on the ground than I’ve seen in past years though. Some fabulous jumps, but in general, more emphasis on moving and twirling.

For the boys’ hardshoe steps, they also have a lot of movement with leg extensions and high kicks. It looks like a lot of double stamps and sharp back rallys. Double back clicks are also still popular, as are skater spins. Looking good, boys!


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