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What to Wear There? – CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011: Dancers

 As Irish dancers, we spend tons of time figuring out dress colors and exactly what we want our next competition look to be. It can be easy to forget what to plan the outfits for the times when you’re not dancing! No worries! In this section, I’ll break down some outfit ideas so you don’t have to and keep working on those drums!

Check out the previous post in this section about outfits for TCRGs at the 2011 Worlds!

For the competing dancer:

In between all of the stress of the dancing day, the last distraction you need is to think about your outfit when you’re not dancing! You spent enough time planning out each moment of your look on stage, so your look off stage shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

The ideal off-duty look should be comfortable but still appropriate for the setting. It should be easily changed into and out of during the day and danceable for last minute run throughs. But most of all, it should still be an outfit. That means some sort of a bottom that are not bloomers, in other words.

Here are some suggestions for outfits that would be appropriate at any age of World’s dancer during their off-duty times. They keep things classy and fashion forward while still being comfortable enough to whip off when they start announcing awards and you’re eatting lunch!

1. Making the most of a dance jacket.

This is the one time you get to wear your jacket with real pride! Show it off fashionably by using it as the key centerpiece of your outfit. Wear your shirt that you wear under your dress as the base and match the jacket with a cute skirt. The skirt will allow you to fully practice (just keep your bloomers on underneath! Makes for easier getting ready, too!) while looking like a fabulous feisonista! For a girly look, go with a lace and crochet accented skirt that’s very in fashion for the Spring. For a more bold and spunky route, go with an animal printed skirt in a color that complements your jacket, but isn’t overwhelming. You’ll be in trend in the Irish dance world and in the normal world!

Dance jacket inspired outfit

 Jacket Crochet Skirt Leopard Skirt

2. No dance jacket? No problem!

Here’s a flirty, girly look if you don’t want to wear your dance jacket or if you don’t have one. Start with a loose cardigan to keep you warm in between dances in those (almost always) frigid arenas. Pair it with your shirt that you wear under your dress, like the previous outfit. Finish it by tucking your shirt into a cute, flowly floral skirt. Again, the floral skirt and loose cardigan will keep you comfortable while you’re waiting and still let you drill that set for one last time.

Fun Floral Outfit

Cardigan Skirt

3. Bold Designs

Finally, the last outfit is more on the bold side and inspired by the bright neon dress designs that have been so prevalent at Worlds this year. This outfit uses the pink appliqued version of the dance skort from Irish Pride that I showcased here as the base of the outfit. I paired it with a really fun, and appropriate, shirt that I found from Forever21 that emphasizes how much dance is part of our life. This would go over the tank top you’re already wearing under your dress. I would finish it with a black cardigan because the arenas tend to be cold, but it could be fine on its one. Particularly if you’re dancing! I have to say that I think this one is my favorite, even though I usually would tend towards the second outfit. So fun!

Bold Skort

Shirt Skort

Fun Dance Skirts
Finally, I’m not sure if they’re super age appropriate for most groups at Worlds, but I think these skirts are the cutest thing. They invoke the fun tutus of the newer dance dresses, but work as off-duty wear. They also can be matched to a dance jacket, making the perfect dance day outfit. I wish I was young enough to pull one off!

What do you think? What is your go-to dance day outfit?



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