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CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 3

Day 3 Updates

Another exciting day! Today was the first ceili competitions as well as Girls U15 and Boys U15 and U16. Day 3 saw the first American dancer crowned World Champion in Ann Paige Turrili from Inishfree! Electric Ceili also performed for the crowd before results and I’ve heard great things about them. Looking forward to looking more into them later!

On to the fun stuff… Dress and dancing trends! Check out our recap for Day 1 and Day 2, to get caught up!

Solo Dress Trends

  1. Neon has been big all week, but neon pink is starting to stick out as a primary color of the Worlds 2011. The pink spans from more of a magenta to all out neon pink and was everywhere on Day 3. Even several of the boys sported pink! Drew Lovejoy rocked a pink shirt topped with a vest with pink accents, that you can see here from Gavin’s facebook page.
  2. I noticed less diagonal color blocking in the U16s. It seems that the older girls prefer the symmetrical look! Girls after my own heart. There were however, many asymmetrical dresses. Largely, when it is used, it is more of an appliqué on a solid bodice that continues onto an asymmetrical skirt design. This white dress from Gavin’s facebook page is a good example. I think this trend is really coming into its own this year at the Worlds and we’re seeing many different ways of using an asymmetrical design.
  3. Along the same lines, the large swooping designs that I mentioned earlier in the week are still popular but are slightly more centered. For example, the middle dress in this picture (the same one from the white dress above). I also didn’t see as many three motif or belted designs in this age group. The orange dress in this picture (Picture #3) from Irish Central shows the trend pretty well also.
  4. There were several all-sequin bodices again today and several more metallic dresses. Not as many animal print dresses, but they were there!
  5. In terms of skirts, it was still largely plisse or layered. Interestingly, I almost saw more “pagenty” type skirts in the older age groups than the U11 and U12 age groups from Day 1. Many of these dresses have extremely dropped waists as well, adding to the ruffled effect of the skirt.
  6. One design that I really liked was where the asymmetric design on the bodice continues onto the skirt, but in the opposite color. It make a really powerful design that must look fabulous on stage.

Ceili Dress Trends

  1. Many of the dresses had a solid color base with brightly colored accents. This dress from this school is a good example. It really popped in the pictures and I’m sure it also did on stage.
  2. Some dresses had embroidered knotwork, but most design and knotwork was done in appliqué. Claddagh’s dresses (Picture #5 from Irish Central) demonstrated this pretty well, as well as being more traditional.
  3. Minor ceili dresses are continuing to stay more on the traditional side. Stiffened three panel dresses are not uncommon and I think that’s fabulous. Several team sported lace collars on three panels. I think it’s a good look at any age, but even more at the minor age. So cute!
  4. However, on the other side of that, there were several modern designs, particularly in the figure. Many schools had modified stiff panels that had more modern designs. A lot of sculpted swirls and other more geometric designs. The Carey School dresses (under gallery and 2010 World Championships) are good examples.
  5. Most teams were wearing  poodle socks for the minor ceilis with only a few teams wearing tights.
  6. The dresses that stood out to me were…
    1. Doherty’s new minor figure dresses. A very young, fun design for their figure team. The ceili teams wore the usual three panel dresses. Bright pink bodice with minimal white embroidery and white ruffled skirt.
    2. The Clarkson School’s blue ceili dresses (the middle picture with them all on the podium, from their school website). This design stood out to me because it’s so simple but powerful. A plain navy blue velvet bodice with a lace collar and a white tennis skirt bottom with appliqué knotwork. Really bold but classy. Must have been very effective on stage.
    3. The Burke School had a very bold design using a black bodice with a white panel in the middle. The collar is made from three pieces of appliqué. The skirt looks more like a soft skirt and is red with black/white appliqué. I imagine they look quite striking on stage!

Boys Outfit Trends

  1. The boys trends were much more all over the place than the girls! It’s pretty much black skirt, black vest and whatever design you want on the vest. There were several asymmetrical designs, but it was largely very faired across the board.
  2. Once again, neon colors stood out as popular (including pink!), but green and blue were also popular embroidery colors.
  3. Notable Boys
    1. One dancer had a full jacket inspired by military jackets. Very sharp and edgy look!
    2. Drew LoveJoy’s vest (Picture #12 from Irish Central) stood out as the first instance of a boy wearing globes on his vest. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the first one I’ve seen! He was also one of the few boys to rock a non-black shirt!

Ceili Dancing Trends

  1. The ceilis that I watched had less of an emphasis on high energy and movement and more emphasis on synchronization. I watched one Trip to the Cottage that was near perfect with the partner crossing spins slower but perfectly in sync. Same is true of the chain and any partner spins.
  2. I was only able to watch the second round, so this could play in to that, but I saw a lot of fairly advanced ceilis in the minor competition. Several Trip to the Cottages and St. Patrick’s Days. They did them excellently though!
  3. One team that I watched added little spins during the ladies interlace part. I wish I could watch it again to figure out exactly what they were doing, but it look really nice. The dancer that was standing alone would do a bit of a twirl after catching hands with the person passing by.
  4. From the figures I watched and from stalking the Voy forums, there was a lot of cheerleading handwork in the figures. While I think it looks great, we have to watch out that it doesn’t loose the main draw of the figure competition which is the unique and inspiring figures themselves.  
  5. One team had a fabulous moving and interlacing circle in their figure. Again, I wish I could see it again to see exactly what they did, but it looked great. They also changed up their 123s at one point and added more of a tuck and a hop to them to go with a certain piece of music. It was really effective! 

 What are your thoughts on any of the trends so far? Remember to play nice 🙂




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