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CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 4

About halfway through the 2011 World Championships! A great day for dresses today! So many fabulous and what will most likely be iconic, trendsetting, dresses! I’m on Easter break now, so I know how my mornings will be spent! Live streaming during thesis writing! Check back tomorrow for updates if I can find more pictures of the notable dresses not on live commentary.

On to the trends!!

Solo Trends

In general, the dress trends were very similar to the trends from the rest of the week. Check out the updates on the first few days – Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 – to catch up on the looks from earlier in the week.

  • One of the unique designs that’s been popping up this week is two half circles on either side of the bodice. Melissa McCarthy’s dress from Gavin is a great example of it. Not to mention an absolutely fabulous dress! Niamh Taylor today had a very similar dress design today, but Niamh’s was black and pink and had knotwork teeth (think like on a gear) around the edges. Extremely striking.
  • In addition to pink, black with warm colors (red, yellow, orange) was also popular today. This color combination was combined with metallics several times. Very regal looking dresses!
  • Several dresses had a gradient print incorporated in the design. Usually, the print is on the bodice and in a large quantity so you can clearly see the color change. This (Picture #5) dress shows this trend very well. It also shows the design at the bottom of the skirt trend really nicely that we mentioned on Day 1. Similarly, large patterned pieces are being used for the asymmetrical color blocking.
  • Asymmetric looks were very strong in the competitions today! More diagonals rather than split down the middle. The sash look was popular, as was the color block effect. Several dresses had an appliquéd design that was highly asymmetric and looked really lovely. Maintained the look of intricate detail while being bold.
  • Animal prints and sequins making continued appearances! One sequin corset type bodice had a very unique asymmetrical edge. Really nice effect!
  • The off the shoulder look was seen several times today again! Looks like its gaining popularity.
  • A major trendsetting design looks like a solid color dress with only rhinestone detailing and a ruffle skirt. Niamh Neale debuted the look earlier in the week in white, Codie Shields also sported a white one yesterday and there were several ones in a few different colors today. Gavin posted a yellow one on his facebook page. It will be interesting to see if this catches on for new dresses. Here’s (Picture #14) one in black from Irish Central.

 There were several spectacular dresses! Here are some of the notable dresses from today.

  • Niamh Taylor’s pink and black dress. Like I described earlier, it features the half circle design and bold white knotwork. The dress is decorated with large rhinestones in key areas and small rhinestones for accenting. The skirt was like this one, but the pleating was pink to match the rest of her dress. It also features a globe boldly on the front the skirt as a former World Champion.
  • Sinead Carson’s pink bow dress. It features a black corset that looks almost tied together by pink bows. The corset is edged in pink rope-like knotwork, the same type as on Niamh’s. The material “under” the corset is white and accented by rhinestones. The skirt is a white ruffle type with rhinestone accents. Her globe is on the back of the sash. It looks like there are pink ties in the back too! Lovely!
  • Bobbie Trotter’s dress. Bobbie’s dress features a bodice that looks like a men’s wear inspired vest. It also features the starburst design, but with appliqué rather than rhinestones. For the skirt, it has petals similar to Julia O’Rourke’s, but are much smaller. The actual skirt is a black pleat type skirt, similar to Claire Greaney’s, but in what looks like a black velvet with square pieces.

 Ceili Trends

  • While the minor ceili teams were more traditional, there were many, many more modern ceili dresses today for the junior ceili. I would say there were at least as many soft skirts as there were three panels, if not more. Most of teams had a solid bodice with a different color skirt that complemented the bodice.
  • Another growing trend is schools having different dresses for ceili and for figures. The figure dresses tend to be more modern and more “showy” while still complying with costuming rules.

Notable dresses

  • While there were several really lovely ceili dresses today, the Carey Academy really stood out as the most notable. The dress itself was black (or possibly navy blue?) with a tutu-like skirt. It is cut diagonally at the very top of the dress by swirl appliques with a lace overlay that continues on to one of the arms. There was also rhinestone detailing in the solid black part. Perhaps the most notable part, the girls wore their natural hair up, tied with a black ribbon. The ribbon had a large bow on the left side of the head with large white rhinestones, somewhat invoking the hair pieces that Kate Middleton is found of. Their hair was also poofed up in the front over the headband. Definitely a unique and attention-grabbing look! They won the figure so the Judges certainly didn’t mind! I’d love to see the dresses in action… hinthint live commentary people to post the figure encore!

So much dance eyecandy today! Can’t wait for more tomorrow! What are your thoughts on the trends so far? Anything particularly catch your eye?


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