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CLRG Irish Dance World Championships 2011 – Day 5

Another fabulous day at the 2011 Irish Dance World Championships! Only two days left! Plenty of great outfits again today. I have to say that while I love looking at the dance dresses, looking at everyone else’s outfits is just as fun! So many stylish and beautiful people. Does someone from England want to help me with my make up? They all look so glamorous, all the time!

Just a note, Gavin posted some Day 4 dresses this morning on his facebook page. So, I updated the Day 4 post with some new links! Check it out. Also check out the updates from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3!

On to the trends!

  • There were a few dresses with printed base material that really stood out. Usually the pattern was two colors with one color really dominating the print. Think Lily Pulitzer. The rest of the design operates as if the base material was a solid color. Diagonal asymmetric sashes, appliqué knotwork, etc all over the printed base. Very striking! Now I’m inspired to design a super preppy Lily dress!
  • In terms of hair, bun wigs were pretty popular. Very loose buns with hair left out on the sides, ala Ciara Sexton last year. Very cute looking updo! Quite a lot of girls rocking buns in normal wear as well. Quite a classy look. I did also see a full wig that was golden blond but had curls of platinum in it. It looked like hair made of precious metals! Great mix of the extreme platinum with the natural blonde.
  • Solid color dresses continued to be popular. Some dresses had a small amount of knotwork at the neck and at the base of the skirt, but were otherwise one color. There was only royal blue dress that was particularly striking.
  • Sequins on the bodice continued to pop up today, as did the asymmetrical corset look. Animal print popped up several times again.
  • There were more dresses today where the bodice continues onto the skirt. Terese Corless had one today
  • Several soft skirts that were printed today as well! I really like this look. Loretta has done several and this one from her website is a good example. It adds bold design without looking cluttered. There’s also room to add knotwork in a larger form on the skirt.
  • I keep noticing more pointed fabric tiaras! Loving the throw back look. It a very neat contrast to some of the over the top hair pieces.
  • Many dresses had embroidery/appliqué that looked like knotwork, but wasn’t quite. Large, twirly designs with interlacing strands. As if flowing embroidery had been blown up and placed on a dress. This dress from Shuana Shiels is a good example. Elegant and interesting look! I like how it has the feel of traditional knotwork as well.
  • One skirt style that’s been popping up more and more often is the rounded knife pleat look. Lauren Early’s dress is a good example and Niamh Taylor’s dress from yesterday shows the look with colored accents. Gavin’s been using it frequently in his designs this year. Gabriella Wood had it in her dress today.
  • More colored shirts among the older boys. The vast majority are still wearing black shirts, but there were more colors. Red and pink were the most popular.

Notable Dresses and Boys Outfits

  • Rachel Ferguson’s Rhinestone covered dress. I wish there was a closer picture so I could see this dress better! It looks like the entire half of her dress is covered in small silver rhinestones. Even if not, it’s a bold design and very effective. If it is rhinestones, I’d imagine that it looks spectacular on stage under the lights. It also has the same effect as the pattern base dress.
  • Gabriella Wood’s new dress debuted today! For the first time in a few years, her dress doesn’t features Gs and is more geometric. It has the same curved line design that Niamh Taylor’s dress had, only without filling in the sides. The skirt had the same look as Bobbie Trotter’s – layers of black rounded square pleats (Think picture #1 here in solid black and a little stiffer)– but had every other pleat decorated with square appliqué. The appliqué was done in a warm yellow, bright red and white accent. Very elegant looking dress.
  • Terese Corless’s dress was quite unique! It was shaped more like a formal dress with a red sweatheart bodice over a nude colored backdrop. There were soft panels over the nude colored skirt. The sleeves were poofed at the top that’s cut off by tighter red fabric to the wrist. The dress is decorated in rhinestones as accent and in larger form as a diagonal design. A rhinestone diamond design is placed at the corner of where the pleats on the dress meet. It gives the effect that it’s a brooch holding it in place. Her bun wig added to the formal dance look. Have to say her presentation was so cute. Loved the big spin her teacher gave her! You could really feel how incredibly happy they all were. Feis Pix has some nice pictures of her dress from the All-Irelands.
  • Ashleigh John had a beautiful white off the shoulder dress today! It had nude fabric at the neck to look like it was really off the shoulder. It had big green knotwork over the fold that really stood out against the white dress. Here’s a picture of it from the Doyle School’s facebook page.


  • Joe Bitter rocked a gray military inspired vest over a black shirt and gray tie. It had horizontal lines of black fabric with silver buttons at each end and a rope in between. Very sharp!
  • Another notable military inspired look, Cathal Keaney had a black velvet jacket that wrapped over and had peat coat like buttons, edged in red. He also wore what looks like a red scarf at the top of the jacket. Looked great on him!
  • Michael Putman stood out and wore a white jacket with a red tie and black shirt. Looking sharp!


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