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CLRG World Irish Dancing Championship 2011 – Day 6

Big day at the World Championships today! Senior ladies and U20 ladies as well as the Senior Dance Dramas and U19 Girls Ceili! I was up this morning to watch the senior ladies. So inspiring! Keep at it, ladies! Proof that you don’t have to stop dancing just because you’re legally allowed to drink in the US!

I watched the Dance Dramas this afternoon and I have to saw that they were absolutely amazing! So worth the wait. The Watters School was mind-blowingly amazing. The dancing was so effective and powerful, not to mention at a very high standard and visually stimulating. Very touching story and a well deserved win! With that said, all the dramas were entertaining! The dancing horse and rooster were my highlights!

I was also excited to see part of the Up and Over It Show with Suzanne Cleary and Peter Harding. Such a genius idea and their success is so well deserved. Wish I could see the whole show. Looks like an exciting new take on the traditional Irish Dance show. If you haven’t seen their work yet, check them out on youtube here. Also, the tribute to the dance teachers through the Graham awards was extremely motivational. So many teachers that had added so much to the Irish dance community and development. True inspiriations.

On to the main event… The trends! Check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 updates for more details on the basic trends which have, if not pointed out below, continued today!

Day 6 Trends and Notable Dresses

  • I was surprised at how many ruffle dresses there were on the senior ladies and U20s. I haven’t seen that many in the past. They rocked them beautifully, though!
  • There were more skirts that continued the appliqué from the dress onto the skirt as a overlay. Really nice affect! The red dress in the front of this Elevation ad is a good example. This dress from Sue Breen shows another popular usage of this design. There were also several more dresses that had a velvet overlay secured by two “broaches” at the skirt line. Almost like a top curtain on a window. Very elegant look!
  • While asymmetry was still prominent, it was less so among the older girls. More diagonal appliqués on a solid color dress rather than color blocking. However, with that said, there were several color blocked dresses and many diagonal appliqués. So it’s certainly making a stand, just not as prominent as it was among the little girls. The first dress in this gallery is a perfect example of asymmetry in the older girls.
  • This trend has been around all week and continued with the older girls. A wrap dress with a lot of celtic decoration has been a popular design all week. It really invokes the book of kells in a modern way. The Gavin dress on the left in this picture is a good example, but many dresses have had more actual knotwork versus just the twirls that in this picture.
  • In terms of skirts, the older girls followed the same trends as the U19 girls yesterday. Largely plisse skirts or layered skirts with some ruffle skirts and knife pleat. A larger amount of the leaf-like pleats than among the smaller girls. As I said above, there were more ruffle, pagenty dresses than in past years.

Notable dresses

  • One stunning dress had a blue bodice that continued onto the skirt. It was connected by knotwork that started thin in the bodice and flared out into appliqué over skirt. Very striking.
  • Shannon Daly’s is white with a puffed out white soft skirts and puffed shoulder sleeves. The sleeves below the puff are decorated with horizontal lines of copper and black embroidery with rhinestones lines in between. The bodice has the same lines flowing diagonally, on a curve from the left corner of the dress by the skirt line. And she has three copper flowers on the right corner of the skirt line. Suits her perfectly!
  • A striking black asymmetrical dress. I love the contrasting designs that still create a unified and elegant looking dress. It’s one of Elevation’s advertising pieces, the middle dress in this picture. They’re calling it “the lazer cut dress”.
  • Nadine Martin had a lovely new dress in the puff sleeve style. The red skirt had a high waisted look. The actual hemming of the skirt was a dropped waist, but the red skirt continued up the bodice to more of her natural waist.
  • This skirt had a gradiant print in the appliqué on the bodice and used that gradient print in the layered skirt. A very dynamic look on the skirt. Would love to see it in action.
  • This royal blue dress has what looks like an extended popped collar. It’s as if she was wearing a riding jacket with her dress. As a preppy Connecticut girl, I absolutely love it! Regal looking!
  • This green dress had a similar affect to 147 except this looked like a black ballet shawl over a green dress. Beautiful!

One more day! I’ll do one more update tomorrow and then do a general week wrap up! Can’t wait to see the senior figure dancing! What other dresses did you like so far this week?



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