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CLRG Worlds 2011 Updates, Hot Clicks

High Clicks – CLRG World Championships Edition

I’m starting a new weekly section called “High Clicks”! This section features hot links from around the Irish Dance world! Videos, fun news dresses, etc. Anything I think an Irish Dancer would find fun and interesting!

For this week, a CLRG World Championships edition!

1. I featured it earlier this week, but this is the parade of champions from the first day of dancing. They had the top five dancers in the Boys and Girls U11 and U12 dance for the President of Ireland on Monday. Great dancing!

2. An Irish Times photo slideshow set to the sounds of the World Championships. Gave me chills! That metronome!

3. Also from the Irish Times, an article about the World Championships. Here’s another one from them!

4. Another article from the Irish Independent about the Worlds. Short and sweet!

5. Irish Dancers on the Late Late Show on RTE1. Brogan, Joe Bitter and John all dance and Simona and Claire Greaney are interviewed. It also features new clips from Jig!

6. An RTE feature on the Dublin schools and businesses involved with the Worlds. Great insight into the evolution of the Worlds and the workshops of Siopa Rince and Fay Shoes.

7. Another RTE news report featuring some of the same people as the feature, but much shorter.

8. An RTE radio report on Morning Ireland from the Worlds! Nice interviews.

9. A TV3 report from earlier on in the week. It shows a bit of the parade of champions a little closer up!

10. Irish Central has a large selection of articles and pictures featuring American Irish Dancers at Worlds.

11. Links to the week’s performers: the Irish Tenors, Up and Over It and Electric Ceili. All truely inspiring performances! Up and Over It and Electric Ceili take a modern spin on traditional Irish culture and you can’t go wrong with the classic Irish Tenors!

12. A post on Dance.net has compiled videos of the 2011 World Champions dancing from past Parade of Champions, etc. Inspiring!

13. And of course, if you haven’t seen it already, the trailer for Jig. Just in case you weren’t already inspired to put your shoes on and start practicing for next year! Tickets for shows in Ireland and the UK are starting to go on sale now!

Let me know if you came across anything else noteworthy over the week!


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