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Cutting Edge – Jig Review

In this section, I’ll feature the latest news in the Irish Dance world! From dresses to videos and everything in between!

Cutting Edge – Jig Review

With Jig coming to theaters in the UK and Ireland in the next week or so, the hype for the documentary is mounting. Clips and interviews have been all over RTE and Skynews since St. Patrick’s Day. In this week’s High Clicks, many of the links are to videos featuring and talking to the dancers from Jig.

So, it was bound to come eventually… The first review of the movie! Unfortunately, it’s not stellar and the review doesn’t paint Irish dance in a great light. The general jist is that the movie tries to force the story and it’s not compelling. Here are some quotes from the review:

“…Jig – a film about the fortieth Irish dancing World Championships (held in Glasgow in 2010) – is just plain dull”

“We meet their coaches, who for the most part seem to be angry yelping terriers obsessed with succeeding in their minority sport. Then there’s the wigs, the overpriced dresses, the financially challenged parents.”

Jig drags when it should be making you root for a winner, a sure sign of a short film stretched beyond its content.”

Not a terribly good sign. But the positive side is that the reviewer mentions that it was difficult to understand what was happening at the Worlds and that they didn’t particularly care. As Irish dancers, I don’t think we’ll have that issue. Also, because we know the backstory of many of these dancers already, I don’t think the issue of it being compelling will be a problem! We know how much sweat, blood and tears goes into getting ready for Worlds and we know how much it means to those dancers to be on stage. We know that it all looks absurd, but we cherish it. What might be distracting to general viewers is just part of normal life for us, so we might be able to focus better.

You can read the full review here.

Update: On a more positive note, here’s a review of the film that’s much more positive. Guess we’ll just have to see it to decide for ourselves! And another one that’s about half and half but more positive overall. Their major issue is again that Worlds is scattered and confusing. Not an issue for a seasoned Irish dancer!

I’m still unbelievably excited about the documentary! I think, assuming it can be accesible to the general public, that it could be great publicity and spark another wave of Irish dancers, the way that Riverdance did in the late 90s.

What do you think about the review? Anyone have tickets yet?



One thought on “Cutting Edge – Jig Review

  1. It’s official – Jig needs to come to the United States.

    The overall comment seems to be that they found the movie confusing… which is a pity (because I thought it might clarify Irish dance to those of my friends who don’t understand it), but I’m sure I will watch it and love it regardless.

    Thanks for finding all those links, Feisonista. You’re feeding my Irish dance addiction.

    Posted by Caitlin K | April 26, 2011, 2:29 am

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