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Inspired by The Royal Wedding!

                So I held off being obsessed with the Royal Wedding for a while, but now I have to admit that I’m totally hooked. BBC America had a great piece this weekend on the role of the Queen in government and other royal intricacies. So, for the past few days, I’ve been watching The Princess Diaries and waiting for my wedding invitation to arrive. Must have gotten lost…

                But as I was thinking about it, dancing is the closest that we can feel to royalty sometimes! We wear tiaras and beautifully ornate dresses with capes. If we win, we get to stand at the top of the podium with crowds of adoring fans. And, if we’re really good, we get thousands of adoring fans every time we dance and get to sign autographs, just like Kate Middleton! And there’s nothing more regal than a dancer flying high in the air, back straight and head raised confidently with a smile!

                So, I played with some dance outfits inspired by the Royal Wedding. They’re fit for the princess that is every aspiring Irish Dancer!

First, some dresses!

The hype around Kate’s dress has rivaled the hype around new dresses at Worlds! Almost…! The first one is a dress that I played with. It’s a little much (and a little rough!), but it was so much fun to make. I did a modified asymmetrical design with a starburst rhinestone pattern on the bodice. I used the lace from Kate’s dress to do the color block and left the other side white to reflect her gorgeous dress. The flowers are azeleas which were used in the church decorations and are the Chinese symbol of femininity. Finally, the design at the bottom is from the royal wedding china!

If you haven’t already seen Kate’s dress, Irish Central has a photo gallery here!

A royal dress!


This gorgeous Doire design dress reminded me of Kate’s engagement outfit. The V of the dress reflects the V of Kate’s dress and both are in, appropriately, royal blue. The collar and neckline of this Doire dress is also very invocative of Kate’s wedding dress! Just change the colors to white and let the neck line down a little!

Finally, a dress that just screamed royal wedding to me was Niamh Neale’s from Worlds. The large rhinestones and white ruffle dress invoke the extravagence and joy of the event. Replace the rainbow sash with a Union Jack inspired one and you’d be all set!

And of course, every princess loves her jewels!

But, what would a princess be without a tiara?

Kate borrowed the 1936 Cartier “Halo” Tiara that was made for the Queen’s mother. Simple and elegant but simply stunning, to borrow a word from the Irish dance world. Here’s a picture of her in it if you haven’t seen it already.

I found this Irish Dance tiara which has the same feel as the one Kate wore. It’s simple but elegant and more ornate than some other Irish Dance tiaras.

Tiara fit for a princess!


Something for every Irish princess…

Of course, we know every Irish dancer is a princess, but let the world know! Here are some cute shirts and accessories to wear when you’re out of costume to remind everyone. Just watch out for the paparazzi!

I love this shirt! Perfect use of the claddagh, featuring the loyal crown!

Irish Princess shirt!


If you’re looking for a little more bling, this shirt might fit the bill!

Blinged shirt!


Need a bag for dance? This adorable tote bag would be perfect for an Irish dancing princess. You can even personalize it!


Or you can just attach this button to your current dance bag! And it’s just one cent! Even princesses love a bargain!



And finally, top off everything with a gold and diamond claddagh ring! It invoke’s Kate’s wedding band made of Welsh gold! It mightbe almost $3000, but a girl can dream, right? Looking at you, Prince Harry! 😉

Claddagh Ring!



Now you’re all set to be a true Irish Dancing princess! Anyone else watch the wedding? Any fun parties or anything Irish Dance related?


2 thoughts on “Inspired by The Royal Wedding!

  1. For you, Feisonista? Anything.

    Posted by Prince Harry | May 1, 2011, 2:40 pm
  2. I love the idea of a white solo dress, but I would be terrified of getting it dirty. Even if I didn’t spill ANYTHING on it (which, let’s face it, a white dress is just asking for trouble), the bottom (and possibly around the neck) would be a lovely orangy-brown due to tanner/bronzer. Not exactly the look I would want to rock. But the dress is beautiful nonetheless. I’m such a sucker for lace.

    Posted by Caitlin K | May 1, 2011, 5:24 pm

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