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Music Spotlight: Winifred Horan

In this new section, I’ll feature music that I love to dance to that is a bit out of the main limelight in the Irish dance world or brand new music. Music Spotlight: Winifred Horan I first heard Winifred’s music when I was listening to Ceol na nGael on WFUV, Fordham University’s radio station. For … Continue reading

Inspired by… The Kentucky Derby

So, this is a little late, but a few weeks ago I had the chance to go to the Kentucky Derby! It was my first time at the Derby and so much fun. The race was extremely exciting (I won $5 off Mucho Macho Man!) but even more exciting was looking at all the amazing … Continue reading

Cutting Edge – Pocketful of Rosies Bobbypins and Earrings

Cutting edge: In this section, I feature new products, trends or news in the Irish Dance world that I think people would find exciting or inspiring. Pocketful of Rosies Bobbypins and Earrings The store was posted on the New England board earlier today and I thought it was just too cute. It sells bobbypins decorated … Continue reading

CLRG World Championships 2011: By the Numbers

First, before anything else, I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to prove anything by these statistics. I’m an engineer, so numbers and statistics have always fascinated me. I was just curious to see how it broke down and thought others might find it interesting as well. It might come in … Continue reading

High Clicks – Week of May 23rd, 2011

Another week, another edition of High Clicks! Sorry for the limited updates again last week! I was house hunting for my first real apartment! The good news is that I have an apartment and now I can’t wait to start decorating! Here are the hottest links from around the Irish Dance world this week! 1. … Continue reading

Getting the Look – Loose Bun Wigs

One of the hottest hair trends right now is the messy bun wig look. In a lot of ways, it looks like an Irish Dance updo. So, in the spirit of the current US Prom season, I decided to do a tutorial on this popular style! This style has been steadily growing in popularity over … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: New Doire Designs Website

Following with the post from yesterday about Doire’s new deal, Doire Designs have launched their new website! The website is complete with galleries for the Spring and Winter of 2011, a gallery with their latest dress design, a blog, and a page to place orders. It also has a link to their facebook and twitter … Continue reading

New Doire Designs Deal!

Feelin’ Lucky? In honor of their 5th anniversary and new website, Doire Dress Designs by Shauna Shiels is offering a tantalizing offer. They’re offering dresses for $1000 (last time I heard that price from a big dressmaker, the world was freaking out about Y2K!) as long as you have no concern about the color, design … Continue reading

High Clicks – Week of May 15th, 2011: Jig the Film Edition

I skipped a week! Sorry about that! I just graduated from college so I spent the week celebrating and waltzing around campus in a cap and gown. I’m officially a chemical engineer and have to enter the real world! At least I’ll always have the crazy world of Irish Dance to distract me when I … Continue reading

DYI – Colored Soft Shoes

My first ever post was on colored soft shoes and how many of the Irish dance shoe designers are jumping on the bandwagon. It seems like they’re popping up more and more recently and everyone’s been wondering how to get them. I’m graduating next week and some of the dancers I help out gave me … Continue reading

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