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Feis Update – Four Provinces Feis

Feis Update – Four Provinces Feis

I finally had the chance to venture back into the world of feiseanna this weekend! The Four Provinces Feis was a half hour from my college and I knew some girls competing, so of course I had to go! It’s the first feis I’ve been to in about 3 years, so it was really exciting to be back in that environment. I love majors, but there’s something about 6 year old beginners gushing over their first medals that truely incompasses the passion to Irish dance. The bustling excitement and energy at a feis remind me of why I love Irish Dancing.

The feis looked pretty well run overall! The area where the grades were was pretty crowded, but everything seemed to be running pretty much on time and smoothly. I think the biggest complaints that I heard were that there was no give on the floors, so it tired out the dancers. No excuses dancers, more stamina drills! And I have to love a feis that has a facebook page!

Area where the grade dancers and the last Open competition were danced.

Some fun things that I liked about the feis….

1. Giving out Aero bars and little bear keychains for the solo awards in Open Championship. Too cute! I’d much rather those to yet another medal at the Open level.

2. Doire Designs had a stand! Gorgeous, elegant dresses. They’re quickly becoming one of my favorite designers.

3. Outdoor awards. This is of course a function of the weather, but it was really nice to have the awards outside. Such a nice day!

4. Sashes on top 3 for Open and Prelim. A girl loves her sashes! I know it’s more standard now, but as a dancer from the time when feiseanna didn’t give out sashes, I’m pretty jealous.

5. This license plate that I found outside the feis! I wanna be on that N17!!! Stone walls and the grass is green….

Wanna be on that N17…. Love the Saw Doctors!

6. This picture from the 4 Provinces Facebook Page! Perfect example of how exciting a feis can be! Love it! This is another great one.

Some fun trends I noticed at the feis…

1. Colored buckles. I noticed one girl wearing buckles that were decorated with rhinestones that matched her dress. Green inside and yellow outline. Nice touch! I found a place where you can order custom ones here.

2. Dance School Lacrosse pinneys. I saw several girls walking around in pinneys designed for their dance school while they were walking around the feis. Pinneys have been big among the sorority crowd at college for a few years and it looks like the trend is going more mainstream. Fun outfit to rock at a feis and it brings an competitive athletic feel with it that’s so appropriate for a feis atmosphere.

3. Less tanned legs than I was expecting. Certainly, much less tanning than at majors. When I was competing it was the norm to tan for feiseanna. It seemed like there were less tan legs than I saw the last time I was at a feis. It was pretty much non-existant in the grade crowd and sparingly among the champions. A turn to more natural looks, perhaps?

4. Along the same lines, the winner of the U18 Open Girls competition rocked a wigless look, with straightened hair pulled half back. It had a show feel and looked very elegant. It also complemented her simpler white dress. And it certainly didn’t hurt her! Here’s a pretty blurry and cut off picture of the awards for U18. I’m sure they’ll post better pictures in a day or two on their facebook page, but it’s a start!

Open Girls U18 Championships Awards – Congrats!

Beyond that, everything seemed pretty much the way I left it three years ago! The awards ceremonies have the same drama, joy and tears. Bouncing wigs practicing in corners. Nervous beginners and proud champions and everyone in between! Stressed parents and fire code violations! Even the style of dancing hasn’t really changed that much. It was lovely being back! I did even get a bit of a competing bug…

Did you attend the Four Provinces Feis? Any thoughts? Any other trends that you saw? Remember, constructive comments!



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