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New Doire Designs Deal!

Feelin’ Lucky?

In honor of their 5th anniversary and new website, Doire Dress Designs by Shauna Shiels is offering a tantalizing offer.

They’re offering dresses for $1000 (last time I heard that price from a big dressmaker, the world was freaking out about Y2K!) as long as you have no concern about the color, design or style of your dress. That price also includes the first 100 crystals. Orders have to be placed by June 3rd and they’re saying that orders are limited, so act soon if you’re interested!


It’s a fabulous deal if you can go in knowing that you’ll have no idea what it looks like. The positive side is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an on the edge of fashion dress that showcases Doire’s newest and best styles. It’s a great opportunity to help start a new dress trend! However, you’ll have to be approach it with a bit of courage. But, that is what a feisonista is after all! Fearlessly rocking the newest styles with confidence, knowing that you look fabulous.

For most of my dresses, I only knew the colors and even that was nervewracking enough. But part of the fun of getting a new dress was the nerves of pulling off the cover and hoping it was what you wanted. I’ll never forget my shock when I realized by underskirt was tiger print, but absolutely loving it. I never would have selected it but it worked perfectly with my dress. My dresses never let me down and I’m sure Shauna will create inspiring, beautiful dresses. If you need a new dress and want to be super fashion forward, I say go for it! Worst case you resell it immediately while that value is still high!

So what do you think? Would you take the gamble on your dance dress? Do you take fashion risks with your dance attire or stick with tried and true classics?



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