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High Clicks – Week of May 23rd, 2011

Another week, another edition of High Clicks! Sorry for the limited updates again last week! I was house hunting for my first real apartment! The good news is that I have an apartment and now I can’t wait to start decorating!

Here are the hottest links from around the Irish Dance world this week!

1. The fantastic Irish dance/Tap fusion show, Hammerstep, performed in New York last week in Lincoln Center! Check out their Youtube page to see some of their performances! The Sneakysteppers is another initiative from the same group of dancers!

2. If you didn’t see it earlier, Doire Designs is offering discounted dresses at the height of fashion! The catch is that you don’t have any input on the style. Check out the post I did on the offer earlier this week.

3. Up and Over It were on Britain’s Got Talent last week! Here’s a picture from their audition. Good luck! Looks like the Judges loved it!

4. In other news from Up and Over It, they were in the Alternative Eurovision this past week as well! Check out their facebook page for some fun details. A cheeky look at Irish Dancing these days!

5. The new Irish Dancing Network is giving away a free wig. Jump on that giveaway!

6. Riverdance along with several other amazing acts performed for the Queen during her visit to Ireland! Check out the performance here. They perform at the end.

7. The NAFC Junior Championship was held this weekend at Feis Montreal! Congrats to Sarah Oldam from the Peter Smith School who won! Here’s an Irish Central article about the event. And here are the full results.

8. Other Feis Results from around the world! Mulvihill/Lynch, McDonald-Ashford, Saskatoon Feis, Feile Rince Tucson, Orlando Feis, Capital Feis, Putnam County, John Flanagan Memorial, Alexander Strange Feis, Southport. Let me know if you find any other feis results!

9. Love Kin’Sha? You’re in luck! Their album is free to listen to and download on their facebook page for a limited time!

10. M&R Dance Events announced the International Celtic Irish Dance Festival for January 2012. It will be in conjunction with TradFest in Dublin’s Temple Bar. TradFest showcases world-class Irish performers, so it’s a great opportunity. Check out the European Celtic Irish Dance Festival that they launched last year! I went and it was a ball!

11. In other Jig news, here’s an article saying that it will be released on June 17th in select cities in the US! Excellent. Ironically, I’ll be in Europe then…

Those are the highlights for now! Let me know if you found anything else fun this week!


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