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CLRG World Championships 2011: By the Numbers

First, before anything else, I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to prove anything by these statistics. I’m an engineer, so numbers and statistics have always fascinated me. I was just curious to see how it broke down and thought others might find it interesting as well. It might come in handy to get a feel for how you might do at major competitions, knowing how your region did at Worlds. Keep in mind that there are dancers that didn’t dance at this year’s Worlds because of associations and it always comes down to how you dance on the day! But, this might put your expectations in the ballpark.

So, without further ado, here are some statistics that I compiled from this year’s CLRG World Championships. Special thanks to my finals for giving me a reason to work on this to procrastinate studying!

PS: If you notice any errors, let me know! Lot of data to go through so its definitely possible I made some mistakes here and there!

Total solo dancers

Interesting that the most dancers were from the United States! Nice to see the growing amount of dancers from Mainland Europe and South Africa!

By The Regions

Here are summaries for the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK on how girl dancers ended up placing. I chose those areas and the girls because there were enough dancers to show trends. I do have the data for the other regions though! If you want them, just email me!

So how to read this… The vertical axis is the age group. The bottom line is the U11 group and the top line is the seniors. The horizontal axis is the placement. 1st is all the way to the left. So, first in the senior ladies would be a dot in the top left.
The United States:




And finally, by the age groups!

This reads slightly differently. The different countries/large regions are in different colors and then the smaller regions are the different shapes. The top placements are at the bottom of the graph. So, first would be the point at the very bottom. Probably should have done that backwards but oh well!

They’re all in the gallery along with the stats from above. Click on each thumbnail to get a larger picture. If you hover over the thumbnail you can see what age group it is.

I have a ton of other stats I could pass, bu t those were the ones I thought would be both interesting and helpful without causing too much drama! Let me know if you want something in particular! Remember to use these to improve, not create controversy! We are all Irish Dancers in the end and everyone is growing and improving every day!



3 thoughts on “CLRG World Championships 2011: By the Numbers

  1. hey – great stats – but i can see at least 1 mistake in the senior ladies age group graph!

    Posted by S | May 25, 2011, 2:07 pm
  2. Interesting to look at this. Got me thinking – how large the US make-up is in terms of actual places available for the children to attend the worlds. How many regions are there in the US to allow so many qualifiers? Sure I get the idea that it is a huge country, but am sure if you added up actual amount of dancers from all schools, he UK and IReland would still have more, but far less chances and opporutnities to get a qualifying place. Like your NANS which is on at the moment – you spilt the age-groups, allowing double the number to qualify. At the GBs, there are 150+ dancers in most age-groups, but no spilt and only 50 recallers meaning only about 20 qualifiying places. Got me thinks lots!!

    Posted by Joanne | July 2, 2011, 8:05 pm

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