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Inspired by… The Kentucky Derby

So, this is a little late, but a few weeks ago I had the chance to go to the Kentucky Derby! It was my first time at the Derby and so much fun. The race was extremely exciting (I won $5 off Mucho Macho Man!) but even more exciting was looking at all the amazing fashion!

Here are some of my favorite hats! Any chance seersucker suits will catch on among the Irish dance lads?

The fashion at the Derby reminded me a lot of Irish Dance fashion! Tons of bright colors and fabulous dresses. And of course, off the top hair accessories. We wear wigs, they wear hats! I think any Irish Dancer can respect big head gear!

First, here are two Irish Dance dresses I sketched out that reminded me of the Derby.

1. This dress reflects the bright colors of the dresses at the Derby and is also very in style in Irish dancing! The flower on the style is a tribute to the floral patterns so popular at the Derby.

2. The second dress is a tribute to one of my favorite designers, Lilly Pulitzer. Being the ultimate in preppy, spring clothes, Lilly dresses are very popular at the Derby. The printed bodice is a Lilly fabric and also reflects a trend popular in Irish dance right now – printed bodices. Could be neater, but it’s fun to imagine! I would like some to add embroidery around the top and edges. Maybe when I get better at MS Paint!

Now for a real dress that reminds me of the Derby!

1. The neon colors but classic styling of this dress remind me of the bold but classy dresses at the Derby! And, it’s for sale on Dance-again.

Finally, some accessories!

1. Every girl needs her headbands! These from head for the world remind me of the extravagant Derby hats.

2. These from Tillies Tiaras also reminded me of Derby hats!

3. And finally, flowers! They were everywhere at the Derby and continue to be everywhere in the Irish dance world. The first one has a little extra feathers if you really want to go over the top and let your inner Derby girl out! The second set are lovely lavender flowers that I just loved!

What do you think? Anyone else go to the Derby? Are you joining my effort to bring hats back? Bring on the Belmont!


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