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Fashion and Event Preview – North American Irish Dance Championships 2011

ONE. MORE. DAY. The countdown to Nationals is winding down!! Hopefully everyone’s making final preparations and settling into the Opryland. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend of dancing, so get excited! I’m so jealous I won’t be down there, so y’all (see what I did there??) will have to have an extra good time … Continue reading

What to Wear There? – Dancers at the CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals 2011

Next up in this series: off-duty dancers! Check out the previous post on Nationals outfit inspiration for TCRGs and the post for dancers at Worlds. Tons of inspiration to look fabulous on and off the stage. Dancers are the stars of the show in Nashville, so why not use the occasion to showcase some great … Continue reading

What to Wear There? – TCRGs at the 2011 CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals

First of all, sorry for the long absence! I was backpacking through Europe for three weeks with my best friends from college. Truely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I loved every moment. I’ll be doing some posts this week inspired by some of the sights and culture of Europe! So, armed with a … Continue reading

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