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What to Wear There? – TCRGs at the 2011 CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals

First of all, sorry for the long absence! I was backpacking through Europe for three weeks with my best friends from college. Truely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I loved every moment. I’ll be doing some posts this week inspired by some of the sights and culture of Europe!

So, armed with a fantastic tan and a wide selection of random words in foreign languages, I’m back just in time for the CLRG NA Nationals! By far one of my favorite Irish dance majors. My first one was in Boston back in 2002 and the mix of a celebration of Irish dance with the 4th of July always made it feel like a bit more of a party than the other majors. It’s also in many ways the end of the major season with dancers starting to qualify again at their regional Oireachtasi. A celebration of the achievements of dancers over the past competitive season! One last chance to show ’em what you got before you start all over again in the fall.

At this point, flights and hotels are booked, practices are winding down and (hopefully) your solo outfit is ready to go. You’ve done all you can for your dancing and dancers! So let’s focus on the really fun side of nationals – your outfits when you’re not dancing! Once again I’m going to go through outfits for TCRGs, dancers and observers in an effort to pretend like I’m getting ready to go as well!

First up: TCRGs

For Worlds, I did a post about the general guidelines for TCRG outfits and the same guidelines are true for Nationals. When in doubt think classy – Think Audrey Hepburn before Kim Kardashian. But with Nationals being in July in hot and humid Nashville, there are added fashion challenges and opportunities!

Outfit #1:
One of the biggest issues with dressing for Irish Dance competitions in the heat of summer is that though it’s scorching outside, the ballrooms can be freezing from the air conditioning. The key is layering! This white dress is perfectly cute, summery and still professional. Combining it with the blue blazer adds an interesting contrast and makes the outfit even more professional. Pop it off when you’re in the sun and throw it back on when you’re freezing watching sets! Finish the outfits with some fun sandal heels and loose jewlery to give the outfit a summery vibe.

TCRG by Feisonista featuring a bangle bracelet

Outfit #2:
One of the best parts about the Gaylord Opryland is that it’s one huge self-containing hotel. If you’re staying in the hotel, you never need to leave! And, in the Nashville heat, I don’t blame you if you don’t! This opens up the opportunity for jeans and pants outfits! This outfit takes a tailored pair of dark wash jeans and combines it with a fun top. The jeans will be comfortable while the dark, flattering wash will still carry an air of tailored professionalism. You can spice it up a bit on top with a fun Banana Republic top. Finish with some pointy toe heels and you’re good to go.

TCRG-Jeans by Feisonista featuring gold tone jewelry

Outfit #3:
A maxi dress for a great teacher! One of my favorite summer trends and one that can actually be worn by a wide array of sizes. I was convinced that I could never wear one (at 5’2” I thought I would drown in one!) but I found the perfect style this summer. It’s all about proportions. This exotic inspired dress oozes summer style and sophesticity. Couple it with a loose black cardigan for the cold ballrooms and a few choice statement accesories. The braided theme is big this summer for accesories so this is a prime time to jump in! Finish the outfit with espadrilles and a summer tote for the perfect combination of beachy and business.

TCRG - Maxi
TCRG – Maxi by Feisonista featuring leather belts

Outfit #4:
Nationals falls during the 4th of July so a cute Americana themed outfit would be perfect. I adore this red dress. So classy but bold with the red. Pair this dress with white heels and blue accessories for a perfect 4th of July outfit. Throw a blue blazer over the dress if you get cold. And, since you are in Nashville, go ahead and finish the outfit with a cowboy hat. If not now, when??

TCRG - 4th
TCRG – 4th by Feisonista featuring a button dress

Extraneous outfit pieces:
Extra dresses, accessories and shoes to inspire you! Mix and match and look fabulous and don’t be afraid to throw in some items with a bit of pop like bright pink shoes to spice up classic outfits! I especially love the keep calm and carry on necklace! Seems appropriate for an Irish dance major! Can’t wait to see everyone on the live commentary!

TCRGs - Extras
TCRGs – Extras by Feisonista featuring print skirts

What do you think? Anything you’re excited to wear during nationals? Next up Off-duty dancers!



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