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What to Wear There? – Dancers at the CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals 2011

Next up in this series: off-duty dancers! Check out the previous post on Nationals outfit inspiration for TCRGs and the post for dancers at Worlds. Tons of inspiration to look fabulous on and off the stage.

Dancers are the stars of the show in Nashville, so why not use the occasion to showcase some great outfits when you’re not dancing? The same challenge of sweltering outside temperatures and freezing ballrooms exists for dancers as well as TCRGs, so layering is again key. But dancers can let their hair down a little more than TCRGs can! You can go a little trendier and more casual.

So, with that, here are some outfits that are cute, fun and easier – leaving no excuse for running around the Opryland in your bloomers!

Outfit #1

The Opryland has a fantastic pool, so don’t miss out on taking advantage of it! Don’t hesitate to jump in just because your legs are a completely different color than the rest of your body – so are everyone else’s! This outfit was inspired by the laidback pool vibe, but it works just as well inside. If you’re dancing that day, the wide neckline of this shirt will fit easily over your wig without messing up a single strand and the shorts are easy to throw on. Finish the outfit with cute gladiator sandals and your dancing earrings that you’re already wearing! Summer perfect outfit in seconds that you can easily rip off when recalls are called ahead of schedule!

Dancers - pool
Dancers – pool by Feisonista featuring flat heels

Outfit #2:

Rompers are all the rage this summer and are so easy to wear. Nationals is a perfect time to try them out if you haven’t yet. They’re comfortable and easy to move in so you can go over your set that one last time without a problem. Also, being one piece, they’re super easy to get in and out of. I love the light pink color of this romper – sweet and sophesticated. Finish the romper by putting a belt around your waist and carrying a loose cardigan in case you get cold. These gladiator sandals go perfectly with the casual trendy feel of the outfit.

dancers - romper
dancers – romper by Feisonista featuring a woven belt

Outfit #3:

This outfit uses a shirt from one of my new favorite Irish dance wear store – Billy Boutique. They have shirts with artwork inspired by some of the most popular Irish dance sets. Show off your set in style! I love their Downfall of Paris tanktop (although I am a bit biased as it was my set!). Again, the tanktop is wide enough that you can take it off over your wig if you need to. You could even wear it under your dress as well. Pair it with a loose black skirt to add to the dark and romantic vibe from the shirt and finish it off with a loose black cardigan to throw on if it gets cold! Looking stylish in between rounds certainly won’t be your downfall! (Couldn’t resist… Apologies haha)

dancer - downfall
dancer – downfall by Feisonista featuring old navy skirts

Outfit #4:

Of course, being in Nashville, you’ll have to throw a little bit of country into your outfits. Take a cute summery dress and pair with cowboy boots and a jean jacket. Easy and adorable. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear some of the best country music and check out the country music hall of fame. Some of the outfits in there rival the most blinged out Irish dance outfits!

dancers - country
dancers – country by Feisonista featuring scrunch cowboy boots

What do you think? Most of these outfits can be worn by a ton of ages, just adjust hemlines and what not! I would love to see a little girl in a little white dress and cowboy boots – too cute. Anything you’re particularly excited to wear during the week? Make sure to snag some Nationals clothing while you’re there!

Next up: Fashion and event preview for the 2011 CLRG North American Irish Dance Nationals!




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