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Fashion and Event Preview – North American Irish Dance Championships 2011




The countdown to Nationals is winding down!! Hopefully everyone’s making final preparations and settling into the Opryland. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend of dancing, so get excited! I’m so jealous I won’t be down there, so y’all (see what I did there??) will have to have an extra good time for me!

In case you weren’t already excited, here are some things to look forward to throughout the 2011 North American Irish Dance Championships!


1. If you haven’t already seen it, JIG will be showing at Nationals on Saturday June 2nd and Sunday June 3rd. Saturday is already sold out! Proof of the demand for it! But they JUST announced the June 3rd showing, so make your reservation quickly if you want to see it!

2. Also JIG related, they’re going to be staging a World Record attempt for most Irish dancers in one line. Ten dollars gets you a chance to participate and a sweet decal for your NAIDC merch. Go here to sign up!

3. 2011 IDTANA Scholarship winners presentation! It’s great to honor some of the amazing Irish dancers that also accomplish amazing things in school and around their community. Check out this year’s winners here.

4. Dance dramas. The NA Nationals is one of the best places to see a large number of breaktaking dance dramas. Keep an eye out for the dramatic make up (The World Academy in particular does it up in spectacular fashion!) and great stories.

5. Themed award ceremonies. They’ve done this in years past and though I can’t find the details on this year’s plans, I’m sure they’ll be doing it again. Always a blast!

6. Hanging out with dancers from all over the world. In the past there have been nightly sessions at the Irish pub in the Opryland and it’s a great way to wind down and just relax and appreciate great music with friends.


Being a primarily fashion focused Irish dance site, of COURSE I’m super excited for new fashions to come out at Nationals. The NAIDC doesn’t tend to feature as many new ground breaking styles because it falls in an awkward time in between Worlds and the Oireachtas, but I think this year could be different. We saw a ton of inspiring fashion at Worlds (check out the recap post on Worlds fashion) and I think everyone was dying to create new dresses.

So, things to look for:

1. New asymmetric stylings. We saw a ton of asymmetric dresses at Worlds and I don’t see that trend going anywhere. I think we’ll see new approaches to the design though at Nationals. Designs that come from both sides of the dress, layer on to the skirt, take the sleeve into the design. The possibilities are endless and I think we’re really going to see creativity on asymmetric dresses flourish this weekend. For example, this Gavin dress that incorporates the diagonal motif down the sleeve.

2. Neon OR classic colors. Neon was also everywhere at Worlds and I don’t see it going anywhere! A lot of contrast with neon so neon and white/black or a dark color. With that said, if a dress doesn’t incorporate neon, it’s probably a classic color – a deep red, blue, green, etc with a single color accent. Proof that there is something for everyone!

3. Rhinestones, of course. Rhinestones have been HUGE in size and popularity for a while now, but this major look for them to really be incorporated into the design. For example, this dress which uses the rhinestones to emphasize the asymmetric design. Can rhinestones possibly get larger than they have been?? We’ll have to wait and see!

4. Solid color dresses. These popped up a few times during Worlds and caused a big splash. I’m curious to see if others will follow suit and dress their dancers in a solid color, blinged out dress!

5. Sequins and metallics. Also popped up at Worlds. Interesting to see if they stay strong at Nationals or fade out.

6. Belted dresses. Another motif that really made it’s debut at Worlds by Gavin. I noticed that some of the new Doire dresses also have the same motif. For example, this one. It could be catching on! We’ll have to see if Gavin continues belting his dresses and if it catches on more widestream.

7. Different skirt styles. We saw a broad range of skirt styles at Worlds and I’m curious as to if they’ll all stay popular at Nationals. Doire is featuring a lot of ruffles and loose skirts. For example this dress. They’ve also introduced a new style which I adore – kind of a new taking on the swooping curtain idea of 2007, but much updated. Check it out here. Can’t wait to see it on!

Gavin introduced this style at Worlds for his champions but is also a fan of tighter, controlled layered ruffles and plisse skirts.

Siopa has probably the widest range of skirts but seems to also be featuring controlled ruffles and slighlty poofed out styles. You can see their collection of skirts here. E

Elevation seems to be taking control to the next level with rigid designs and very tighlty controlled ruffles onto a flat skirt. A lot of very geometric designs in both their skirts and their designs – a bit of a new direction! See their collection here.

8. For the boys, military inspired waistcoats made a splash at Worlds. Can’t wait to see if the trend catches on. Elevation has made a few more in that style, so it looks like it might be!

Just a selection of things that I’m excited for about Nationals! What about you? The Chick-filet?? The river boat ride?? A stunning new sash to add to your collection?



2 thoughts on “Fashion and Event Preview – North American Irish Dance Championships 2011

  1. Love it! Keep it up!

    Posted by BeeBee | July 1, 2011, 8:01 pm
  2. Great blog. I enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work. LuAnn O’Rourke-Boyd,ADCRG

    Posted by LuAnn614 | July 2, 2011, 2:03 pm

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