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Inspired by: Black Swan

In this edition of ‘Inspired by…’ I explore Black Swan inspiration in Irish dance dresses! In case you haven’t heard, Black Swan was a movie starring Natalie Portman that came out last year. It was a mental thriller that focused on a star ballerina being so obsessed with her role in Swan Lake that she … Continue reading

Irish dance in “Real Life” – Jess from So You Think You Can Dance!

So You Think You Can Dance is one of my all-time favorite shows. It really captures some amazing talent and choreography. It’s the perfect inspiration for picking up my dance game, even if it’s not Irish dancing. But when Irish dancing does pop up, I love it even more! In one of the recent episodes, … Continue reading

High Clicks – July 29th, 2011

Last issue of high clicks for July! It’s been a competition filled month and I’ve loved it! Thanks again for all the support this month! Feisonista has grown tremendously since June and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been slacking a bit this week (first week of real world life!!) but I have a game … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: New Big Rhinestone Tiaras For Sale

Working on a really great article, so look forward to that in a few days! But, in the mean time, here’s a quick article! I’ve posted a few times on the new rhinestone tiaras that are growing more and more popular. They popped up first at Worlds and quite a bit at the North American … Continue reading

2011 Dressmaker Styles Update

As I posted in Say Yes to the Irish Dance Dress, doing your research is important in finding that perfect dress. To help in that process, here’s a quick overview of some of the main dressmaker’s current styles, price point and extras. One place to see samples from a wide array of dressmakers current dresses. … Continue reading

Irish Dance in the “Real World” – Cheryl Cole

Sometimes Irish dance pops up in the least expected places! Irish dance trends tend to be influenced by popular culture, so you never know when a real world fashion trend will turn into an Irish dance fashion trend. Take, for example, this dress sported by Cheryl Cole! It would be perfect for an Irish dance … Continue reading

High Clicks – July 22nd, 2011

My first edition of High Clicks from my new (and first!) apartment! Big week for me! Let’s see what’s been going on around the Irish dance world this week. Happy Weekend! Good luck again to everyone dancing this weekend! 1. The 2011 CLRG British Nationals are on this weekend! Good look to everyone that’s competing! … Continue reading

What to Wear There – 2011 CLRG British Nationals

The British Nationals are this weekend! Though it might not be the British qualifier, it’s still an exciting major! Without the pressure of qualifying and right in the middle of the summer, it’s the perfect event to let loose and soak up the great atmosphere with great friends. If you’re last minute like I always … Continue reading

Chic Dance Wear Spotlight – Ghillie iTouch Cover

While not strictly dance wear, this iTouch cover was too cool not to feature. Crocheted to perfection, it would make the perfect edition to your iTouch. What better to get you into focus mood at a feis than a ghillie covering for your iTouch during warmups? Best part? It’s only $10 and it’s handmade. Can’t … Continue reading

Say Yes to the Irish Dance Dress

If you haven’t seen it yet, Say Yes to the Dress is a TLC reality show that showcases brides’ journeys to their perfect wedding gown. As I was watching the most recent marathon, I couldn’t help noticing the similarities between picking out your dream wedding dress and picking out the perfect Irish dance dress. At … Continue reading

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