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High Clicks: July 1st, 2011

I’ve decided to move High Clicks to Friday which I think just makes more sense – a wrap up of the coolest things in Irish dance this week. And with Nationals this weekend, there’s a ton of cool things this week!

1. In case you haven’t already seen this, JIG is staging a World Record attempt at NANs and will be including it on the DVD when it’s released. Click here to register.

2. Also, the two screenings of JIG at Nationals are now completely sold out! Clearly it’s in high demand! Crossing my fingers for a wide theater release soon…

3. One last JIG related bit, check out these videos with Joe Bitter and Julia O’Rourke at a JIG screening in New York.

4. Check out this video featuring Riverdance dancer Chris Ashurst and Broadway dancer Dewitt Fleming Jr! They trade taps to Usher’s More. Really fantastic dancing and a great way to warm up! Maybe you can use it before your rounds at Nationals!

5. Remember that Doire special offer that I posted about back in May? They’ve posted pictures on Facebook of the results! Some absolutely GORGEOUS dresses. Jealous.

6. Trying to get follow the action from Nationals over the weekend? nashvillenationals.blogspot.com will be posting recalls and results as much as possible. Irish Central and Feis America have teamed up to give coverage of the event here. On Twitter, follow IDMtweet, FeisAmerica, jigthefilm and #NAIDC2011. For all the latest on new dresses and trends in general, Feisonista has got you covered and follow on Twitter and Facebook!

7. Been watching America’s Got Talent? Snap Boogie is an original part of Hammerstep, the group that launched the Sneaky Steppers! Check out his moves here – Amazing!

8. I loved this video montage of dancing. Nothing particularly profound, just embodies the spirit of dancing that I think we can all relate to – practicing and working hard to accomplish goals!

9. Love the new LMFAO song? See them learn to Irish Dance here! Too funny. So appropriate since everyday we ARE shuffling! (Just as an FYI there is one swear in the very beginning but its super PG after that 😀 )

10. Did you attend the Celtic Fling last weekend? Here’s a nice article about it in the local papers!

11. Proof that Irish Dance inspires more than just dancing, check out this fantastic speed draw of Hard shoes.

And that’s it for this week! Next week we’ll do a wrap up of everything North American Irish Dance Championship related! Find anything else interesting this week? Let me know! Good luck again to all the dancers dancing this weekend!



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