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2011 CLRG North American Irish Dance Championships – Day 1

Nationals have arrived!!! I’m going to be updating this entry all day with my observations, so keep refreshing! I’ll write the update time for every bit so you know when it’s a new comment.

Update: 5:44 PM EST

Dancing almost over! Awards in not too long! Can’t wait! Some more dresses in the mean time.

Another example (though a really terrible picture on my part) of an open corset dress. This one has “hooks” featuring celtic knots. Love it.

Another cool asymmetrical dress. The skirt and the inner pattern are in a dark plaid which I thought was creative and worked really well. The embroidery over the pattern is also lovely!

Yet another example of asymmetry from today. This one features large designs in contrast to the previous dress which had more detail. Both sides of the trend.

Update: 4:31 PM EST

More dress sketches! The girls’ recalls are well underway!

Absolutely obsessed with this one. The orange crossing bit are actually a metallic gold, so just imagine that. So modern but classy. Also shows the design going onto the skirt which continues to be popular.

My terrible drawing here really doesn’t do this dress justice. A cool updated rainbow look with a very fun rainbow print in one side. Love it!

Update: 3:06 PM EST

A quick midday update! So many amazing dresses so far today. By now, all of the girls’ first rounds are over and the boys are in their first rounds. Anxiously awaiting recalls!

What I’ve noticed so far:

1. While there has been a lot of pink, there’s been a lot of warm colors in general. A lot of reds, bright oranges, yellows. Almost always accented or layered on black and sometimes white.

2. Predominently soft skirts. Layered skirts, ruffled tulle and plain soft skirts are by far the most popular. The flat plisse skirt is a close second. In almost all cases, the skirts are plain, without applique or embroidery. There have been a few petal type skirts ala Claire Greaney’s last one, but not as many.

3. As predicted, asymmetry is the style of the day. A lot of intricate asymmetry designs, mixed with different sized embroidery and applique. Some really gorgeous asymmetrical designs today. It seems people are either going extremely large with the designs or more detailed.

4. A good few dresses with extensive use of sequins or metalics in the design!

5. A handful of belted dresses and single color dresses. We’ll have to see at awards if there are more of them then being shown on the live com.

6. Headbands!! Everywhere! Almost always decorated with stones.

And to whet your appetite, here are a few dresses that I sketched out today that caught my eye. More to come!!

Showing off the open corset look that Gavin started at Worlds and appears to be continuing! Here’s the actual dress!

Showing off neon colors and more involved asymmetric designs.

A unique off the shoulder dress featuring tiger print in the “nude” part. Striking dress.

Another red, white and black dress. Noteable because the vertical lines in the bodice are all done in rhinestones – another example of using stones as a key part of the design.

That’s all for now, more to come! Let me know if you want any specific dresses, age groups, etc!


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