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2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Day 1 Wrap Up

One day of the 2011 NAIDC done already! Congrats to all the dancers! You’re all fantastic.

And you all looked fabulous!

I just want to say thanks so much for everyone who’s been reading these past few days! I hit a record number of views today and I couldn’t be happier! Let me know if I can do anything to make this blog better!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

Here are some overall trends from Day 1:

1. Warm colors predominated. Bright reds, oranges, pinks and yellows. Usually paired with black or just layered on top of each other. A striking combination that stands out on stage.

2. Another color that’s popping up more and more is bright blue. This is especially true amongst the men, but also true with the girls. A color to look out for in the future!

3. And one more color combination that popped up a good amount today: black and white dresses. So elegant! For example, this dress on the right and this dress.

4. The sunburst style and open corset style that we saw at Worlds (click for a refresher on those styles) are popping up again at Nationals! Gavin’s loving the open corset. Check out this picture for a new one in the top left and this one on the left.

5. For asymmetric detailing… I thought it was going to be huge and it definitely is. It seems there are two main ways of going about it: Geometric and huge or more flowy and detailed. A few dresses used a combination of the two styles. Some really creative dresses today! More flowy and more geometric (on the left)!

6. That said, the most popular asymmetric look is still the diagonal sash effect. It will be interesting to see if this sticks around at Oireachtas time!

7. A good few dresses were using color blocks of white as a key design element. Makes for a bold design that looks great and still elegant. For example, the blue and white dress in this picture.

8. The layered skirt and ruffles seemed to be the rule of the day! Usually simple, with no embroidery. This picture shows off the popular skirts of the moment. This dress shows off a loose skirt style that’s been gaining popularity. But, that said, there were a good few dresses that had some embroidery on the skirt. Usually a motif repeated at the bottom of the skirt or in pleats. For example, this Gavin dress uses the motif from the bodice in the embroidery on the bottom of the skirt.

9. A bit of a new look on skirts was putting little bits of applique throughout the skirt, almost as if they were rhinestones.

10. Though most designs were on the larger side, there were a decent amount that incorporated celtic embroidery. Not as much as seen in previous years, but a decent amount! Usually in an accent piece like the dress I posted earlier. Here’s one from Gavin that shows off how celtic embroidery is being used right now.

11. Metallics didn’t stand out to me too much today, but there were a decent amount of dresses that used gold or silver thread in embroidery versus a metallic applique.

12. There were several dresses however, that made use of sequin applique! Whole bodices and sides of dresses done in sequins. They weren’t everywhere, but there were a good amount. Here’s a Gavin that shows this trend off and another one on the right and one more for good luck!

13. For hair, it looks like long, loose wigs with headbands or a loose bun with a simple hairpiece. Bows were common with the little girls, but the older girls in general stuck to just the headband.

14. More color on the guys! Not just in applique, but in vest color. A good few blue vests this year. A few more jackets but I didn’t notice more than usual. The winner of the senior men was rocking a sweet military jacket though!

That’s it for me for now! Do you have any favorites? Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, requests! Day 2 tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Day 1 Wrap Up

  1. What happened to the screen shots? 😦

    Posted by Lizzy | July 3, 2011, 11:24 pm
    • As it turns out, after more research, it might be a copyright infringement. Sooo I’m just straying on the side of caution. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, you know? When the shamrock photos get put up/more on Irish Central and the like, I’ll put up the links to the appropriate pictures. If you’re dying for one of them, just shoot me an email – feisonista@gmail.com

      Posted by feisonista | July 4, 2011, 12:11 am

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