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2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Senior Ladies Outfits

Happy 4th of July! A fun day of ceilis and dance dramas today! Not to mention the rest of the boys! Very exciting.

I figured that breaking it up by age group would be an easier way to do this both for me and for you reading it, if you’re interested in a specific age group. I’ll summarize everything at the end of the week for one concise update on what’s hot in the world of Irish Dance fashion.

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

So, onto the seniors!

1. Bold but classy designs. Whether its asymmetry or another design, the seniors were rocking bold designs but in fairly classic and elegant combinations. For example, this dress from Gavin. Certainly a bold, stand out design but it has an elegant feel to it.

2. Along the same line, less asymmetry in this group. In the A split top ten, for example, only three dresses were asymmetrical and they were in a less obvious way. A diagonal bodice for example  or a chest plate applique done on a slight angle at the top. Again, they tend to be going for more classic designs.

3. Much less pink! They seemed to be straying to red and orange over pink.The second favorite looks to be green with a handful of bright blue dresses.

4. Sashes along the bottom edge of the dress. I noticed a few dresses with this and it’s a really nice effect. Looks like the dancer draped fabric across the bottom edge of the bodice, slightly overlapping on the skirt. This dress has the same effect as well!

5. A good few dresses making use of animal print whether in a small applique or the whole bodice. Two dancers in the top ten of the Senior ladies B (including the winner, Francis Dunne!) rocked animal print bodices with minimal design. Check out their dresses here and here.

6. More skirts with embroidery, pleats or other details. Nostalgic for old embroidered skirts, maybe! A lot more skirts in this style and this style.  For example, this dress, this dress, and this dress and this lovely dress! The usual soft skirts and plisse skirts also made appearances though! When a more tulle style was done, it was usually done like this rather than a full out cupcake dress.

7. In terms of hair, loose bun wigs or a full head of hair with loose curls! Headbands were still popular but there were a handful rocking big tiaras. As opposed to the tiaras of the early 2000s, these are covered in huge stones. Check out this picture of the tiara as an example.

Stand Out Dresses and Outfits

1. This new dress from Doire made an appearance in the top ten of the Senior ladies A! Congrats! Love the new style. So elegant.

2. Another one of the girls in the top ten of the senior ladies A wore pink ghilles during awards! Cute!

3. Competitor 135 had a fabulous updated mandarin collar, unique gold and silver applique and a soft ivory scalloped skirt covered in stones. Really unique, but elegant and modern dress. Love it! She finished it with a loose bun and slightly longer teardrop earrings that went perfectly with the high edge of the collar.

4. One dancer in senior ladies B  rocked a natural looking bun wig with just a small bow on one side. Classy look!

Great job, ladies! You look as good as you dance! Next up: Under 17 girls!


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