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2011 North American Irish Dance Championships – Girls U17 Outfits

Onto the Girls U17! Figures up next on the live streaming at Nationals, can’t wait to see them!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

1. More tiara type headbands. If not a full tiara, many are rocking headbands that are styled to be elevated in the middle to look more like tiaras. It still wraps around the sides, but has a higher middle. For example, this dancer and this dancer in the white and gold in this picture. Of course, tons and tons of stones.

2. Also more bows and small flowers on the headbands in this age group. Not overly done, but just one or two. Cute look. For example, this picture.

3. Wide variety of skirt bottoms. This age group is very much in the transition from the little girls to the big girls, so there are soft skirts and plisse skirts mixed in with more pleated and embroidered skirts. Many, many layered skirts in multiple styles. The layering is the only constant! Picture 30 in U17B shows the wide variety of styles in this age group.

4. Pink and orange were the predominant colors in this age group! All over the place, especially orange! Red was a close second!

5. White background for dresses. Several dresses had white backdrops and a single colored embroidery or applique. This has popped up several times throughout the week, but was especially noticeable in this age group. A very elegant look. Usually paired with a cuffed wrist or puffed shoulders. Watch the tanner though! For example, this very pretty dress.

6. Trendy dresses. I think girls in this category had some of the trendier dresses overall so far. A lot of bold use of asymmetry, neon colors, metallics and unique skirt shapes and styles. Ton of diagonal asymmetry, like this dress.

7. More celtic inspiration embroidery. Again, done in a large style, like the previous dress. More in this age group than I saw in another one so far.

8. More wigs, but still a handful of buns done in a loose style.

Stand Out Dresses

1. A really striking red, black and white dress (on the right). The edges of the skirt is done like two layers of knife pleats, offset from each other, but stiffened. The top of the dress has a similar effect and its set on a white backdrop. Powerful effect!

2. Kevinah Dargan had an absolutely gorgeous orange and white dress (on the left). It features the wavy top bodice like in this dress. It then overlaps onto a skirt layered skirt that’s half orange and half white, in the opposite way of the bodice. Modern, but classy!

3. Taylor Smyth, second place in the U17A, stood out from the crowd of white skirts with a red bodice that continued into a red skirt.

4. This picture shows the off the shoulder look that competitor 197 in U17B was rocking. Dramatic! That across the arms look is getting more and more popular. A few similar dresses so far this week.

Next up: Girls U13!


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