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2011 North American Irish Dance Championships – U13 Girls Outfits

The figures are looking great so far! Some really creative stories and dancing!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

Onto the Girls U13!

1. A lot of headbands with one flower on the side. Again, cute and not overdone. Primarily wigs, but a little shorter than in some of the other age groups.

2. Bright, bright colors. While neon has been in for all the age groups, these girls really went to the neon! Bright pink, orange, green and yellow on many of the dresses.

3. Primarily tightly layered skirts (for example) or soft skirts and tulle. A lot of single colored skirts again, with minimal embroidery or applique. That said, there were several knife pleat skirts, though!

4. Sequins! Several dresses that had a good deal of sequin applique in the pattern or bodice! For example, the red dress on the right of this picture and this beautiful blue and gold dress.

5. Ruffled sleeves. I had noticed it before, but there were a few dresses that had this in U13A. Instead of a straight sleeve, the dress ends in ruffles. A very cute, girly look. For example, the dress in the middle of this picture.

6. A split between asymmetric and symmetric bodices. While there were a good deal of asymmetric bodices (particularly making use of the diagonal), there were a bunch of symmetrical, but equally bold, bodices in the U13 age group. I feel like we saw more creative asymmetrical earlier in the competition. Will be interesting to see what the crowd looks like at the Oireachtas!

7. There were a few open bodices in this age group. Some in the style of Sinead Carson (like this dress) with little ties and frills and some in more of this style, like this dress on the left. Striking, either way!

Stand Out Dresses

1. In a sea of red, pink and orange, this dress really stood out in the top ten of U13A. Stunning dress!

2. Competitors 184 and 192 in U13A (picture 9) had a really nice combination of bold diagonal asymmetric lines and celtic embroidery. Old and new!

3. The winner of U13A, Aine Claire Sheehan, had a spectacular rainbow colored dress where the bottom was striped in pastely rainbow pleats. It had a kimono wrap style sash across the middle with rainbow color triangles that continued down one arm. The rest of the dress was a bright pink. A fun, bubbly dress! Love her reaction in this picture!

4. The winner of U13B, Melanie Valdes, also had a spectacular dress. It features a long bodice of black and pink leaves that weave over a skirt and then part over it. The skirt is a black puffed and ruffled skirt that emerges from underneath the bodice. Very creative!

As a sidenote, I just love picture 129 of U13B’s gallery. Really gets the emotion of triumph being up on that stage! Love it!

That’s it so far! I’ll update these with more pictures as they become available. Tomorrow I’ll do a wrap up of all the boys and the team dresses! Any dresses you’re particularly loving? Let me know!


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