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2011 North American Irish Dance Championships – Boys Outfits

Lets hear it for the boys! The rest of the boys (and men!) danced yesterday, so congratulations to all the winners. There were some absolutely astonishing dancers in this crowd, including JIG star Joe Bitter who won the Boys U17.

But, besides dancing amazingly, they also looked fantastic! Not letting the girls steal all the thunder in the fashion world of Irish Dance, the boys stepped up their game at nationals! There aren’t too many pictures out right now, but I’ll add more as I find them!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

So onto the trends…

1. The boys have jumped on the asymmetric train! They usually do a wrap type effect, following the natural folds of the vest. So, the diagonal of the design would go along the top diagonal of the vest and then extend over the of the vest. For example, the two vests on the right on this picture. This is another great asymmetric one!

2. Celtic embroidery. I find more celtic embroidery on the vests and waistcoats than on the girls’ dresses. Not super ornate – maybe just 2 or 3 lines, but done in bold colors that jump off the black of the vest. Often it just traces the outside edges of the vest, where the they meet by the buttons.

3. With that said, if you’re not going with celtic embroidery, you’re probably going with bold geometric designs. Some of these designs cover the entire vest in dramatic geometric prints with lines reaching across the entire vest. Others pick one print and repeat it across the vest. A bold and dramatic effect!

4. Its predominately vests with a few waistcoats thrown in, from the little boys on up to the big ones!

5. In terms of colors, the majority are still doing a black vest with bright embroidery or applique – bright pinks, blues, greens and oranges mostly. Pink and Blue was the statement color combination of the event. However, there were a good few vests in other colors, breaking out from the mold. Some really lovely red vests, for example! Bright blue was also very popular as a vest or shirt color. As the age groups got older, the vests got more and more colorful – both in vest color and shirt color. Very few patterned shirts though.

6. We saw this pop up at Worlds and it’s continuing to gain speed at Nationals – military inspired vests. There are many varieties of this trend, but they all have the two “buttons” with a string connecting them. In the Elevation collection, W051 shows this off. W054 is another take on military! Here’s another great military one!

7. In terms of pants, black slacks is still the uniform for most boys. However, there was one really nice pair of pinstripe black pants! A really sharp look.

8. Have to say, the U17 and U18 men just looked really sharp all around. It looked like they were off to a big gala rather than an Irish dancing competition sometimes! Classic tailoring and scalloping on jackets gave many outfits a very polished look. This group also took some of the bigger risks in the fashion department, going full force into the asymmetric look or bright colors on vests. I think it paid off – some great looks!

Stand Out Outfits

1. Drew Lovejoy had a great new vest that incorporated the half moon look that Gavin has been putting on the girls dresses. Pink, blue and white embroidery. Sharp look! Congrats on the win!

2. Third place in the boys U17 had a gray vest with a crest in the top left corner. A cute, preppy look. As a Ralph Lauren obsessed girl, I love it!

3. This vest from Gavin shows off some of the creativity behind the asymmetry in vests right now. It’s not extremely overdone and follows the line of the vest. Love it!


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