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NAIDC 2011

2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Girls U11 Outfits

Onto the tweens with the Girls U11! How cute was the winner of the U11B? Love the reactions of the winners!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

Girls U11

1. More really bright yellow and orange in this group. They really popped from the pink that we have been seeing this week. There still was a bunch of pink though!

2. More creative hairgear. A zigzag pattern headband, circle pattern headbands, a good few using the large stoned tiaras, using multiple headbands. Coming up with new and different ways to style headbands and wigs seemed to be the trend in this age group. The one constant – rhinestones and lots of them! Most of the girls with headbands in this age group also had a flower on the side.

3. Sequins. Many, many dresses with sequin appliques in this age group. Some are using it as just an accent while others are using it dramatically in an asymmetric design. One really noteworthy dress had a gold sequin asymmetric pattern on a black background. Fantastic effect. The winner of the U11A had one whole side done in a sequiny type material!

4. Fewer bun wigs and more full wigs – though not as big as the older girls. Some exceptions, but generally contained loose wigs, if that makes sense! Looser curls but a shorter wig for their smaller heads.

5. Much bolder uses of asymmetry in this age group than in some of the younger ones. Designs that went onto the skirt, cut in from the side, made use of different patterns in and out of the asymmetric design. For example, this fun red dress, this one and this one.

6. A lot of frilly skirts with tulle. Kind of like a loose cupcake. For example, this adorable dress! With that said, the number of knife pleat and otherwise pleated (and this one!) skirts was greater in the U11 than in the younger age groups. Starting to get more of a mature look.

Stand Out Dresses

1. While they’ve had these dresses for a bit, I have to give a shout out to the Summa twins who looked adorable on the podium together at 2nd and 4th. They have the same dress design in contrasting colors. They also looked so polished with large rhinestone tiaras and loose wigs. Check out their fantastic look in picture 15 of the U11 A. Congrats girls! What an achievement!

2. Competitor 149 in the U11B had a stunning bright blue dress. The right side of the dress was a sparkly, frilly blue material that led down the bodice. The skirt was a white ruffly skirt but parted to show the blue material underneath. Not the first time we’ve seen this skirt style this week! An updated wrap skirt effect! We’ll have to keep an eye out for it at the Oireachtas!


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