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2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – U9 and U8 Girls Outfits

Its the last day of the 2011 NAIDC! So sad! Some amazing dresses and outfits this week though! And luckily, we can keep obsessing about dresses long after the event is over!I’ll update this more with pictures when I find them!

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

On to the cutest bunch of little girls – the Girls U8 and U9.

1. The theme of these two age groups was ADORABLE. I feel like the U10 age group seemed a bit more grown up in how they were dressing and doing their make up. Maybe it has something to do with it being the first age group to qualify for Worlds. But the U8 and U9 groups perfectly played up the little girl aspect. Some really precious dancers in this group. Don’t be afraid to throw on bows and frills and tons of bright pink – they’re only this little once!

2. Bun wigs! More so than in any other age group, the little girls really gravitated towards the bun wigs. I think it’s a great look on the little ones! Very age (and head size!) appropriate. While the older girls have been doing more loose bun wigs styled like updos with curls in the front, etc, the little girls are sticking with the straight back look for now.

3. Bows. Two of the dancers in the top ten of the U8 rocked a bow in their hair and I love it. Instead of a headband, a big rhinestone studded bow is placed just at the crown of the head where the wig meets your actual hair.  Very cute, minnie mouse, type look. Check out pictures 11 and 15 in the U8 gallery as an example. Bows were all over the place even if not done in the hair though – on the side of headbands, on the edges of dresses, etc.

4. Bright pink was the predominant color in this crowd. Other bright colors like orange and green also stood out. There was more red and orange in the U9 group than in the U8. There were a good few dresses with a white base and colored embroidery in this crowd as well.

5. Mostly softer skirts with minimal embroidery. A good few of the new petal skirts from Gavin made appearances, including one in bright pink! So cute. More cupcake skirts in this age group than in the other ones. A lot of ruffles and layers as well, as opposed to panels.

6. In the U8: Much less asymmetry in this age group than in the others. Makes sense not to have a super trendy dress for a girl that will grow out of it in 6 months! Dresses had a lot of chestplate work and bodice embroidery instead. Typically if asymmetry did appear it was more a chestplate design with a slight diagonal tilt. Most of the asymmetric dresses came out of the top ten, actually!

7. The U9 age group had a little more asymmetry in the dresses, as well. Many of the girls in the top ten of this age group had asymmetry on their dresses and were a bit more pronounced with the asymmetry, for example full cross bodice designs.

8. Mostly headbands in these two age groups, both on girls wearing full wigs and buns. Usually stoned and almost always with a bow or flower accompanying! There were more tiara type headbands in the U9 than the U8.

9. Cuffed wrists. All three girls in the top ten of the U9 had either cuffs around their wrist (but the arm of the dress kept going) or a bit of a flared wrist. Picture 42 in the U9 gallery shows this off really well.

Stand Out Dresses

1. There was one adorable little dress in the U9 that had butterflies as a chestplate design. See picture 2 in the U9 gallery. So, so cute. We’ve seen butterfly designs before in dresses (who could forget the one Gavin made last year with the butterfly skirt?) and this is another example. Very cute for a little girl.

2. The winner of the U9 age group from the Kelly Hendry school had the cutest outfit. Bright pink and white – it featured a bodice design with boys going down the middle. The corset was covered in stones and pink crisscrosses. This dress also had an actual collar that stood up, more like a popped collar than a mandarin one. The collar was also covered in stones. It had a white petal skirt with bows going around the top. Adorable! She finished the look with bright pink ghillies and a pink bow on the side of her headband. Congrats on the win!

3. Not really a dress, but I adore the new bow trend that I mentioned above. So cute and age appropriate for these little girls. Little bo peeps!


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