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2011 North American Irish Dance Championships – Girls U14 Outfits

Last but not least for today, the girls U14! I’m going to do the U16 tomorrow after the B split has also danced. Congrats to all the dancers from yesterday and one final good luck for the rest of the dancers from today.

Just a note, some of the direct links don’t work at first. If you go to the main album (photographybyharrington.c​om) and then go back to Feisonista and click on the links it should work. Strange!

Girls U 14

1. Another trendy bunch. This group made extensive use of the newest trends that have come out since worlds. Half moon dresses, open bodices, belts, rhinestone designs, sequins, extensive and creative use of asymmetry – all there! There isn’t much to add for this group because they’ve got it all going on!

2. Much fewer flowers in headbands in this group. A good deal more simple, stoned headbands.

3. White dresses with gold or rhinestone detail. Several dresses made use of this growing trend and paired it with a large rhinestone tiara for a very royal look. For example, this dress, this dress, and this dress on the right!

4. Bright pink and orange were the colors in command of this age group if you weren’t wearing a white dress! Red and yellow a close second. This bright dress combined them all for a great effect!

5. A lot of the loose ruffled skirts in this age group with a handful of pleated skirts thrown in. Not as cupcaky as the little girls, but still a tulle effect. This dress shows off this kind of skirt very well and this dress shows off another take on it. Tight layered skirts are also very popular in this age group.

6. Again, mostly wigs in this age group with a few lovely bun wigs thrown in. I love the bun wigs on dancers with a bit of a collar on their dress. Such a classy look!

Stand Out Dresses

Some many fabulous dresses in this age group its hard just to choose a few, but here are some that really stood out.

1. Third place in the girls U11A had a dress that made nice use of celtic design with an asymmetrical design. Layers of celtic knotwork cut diagonally across the dress as the colors went from light pink to dark pink on the left. The skirt was the update puff panels that has been popping up frequently at Nationals. The panels alternated light pink, bright pink, white. Really lovely dress! Picture 46 in the U11A gallery is a good shot of it.

2. I love the mandarin collar effect of this red dress with almost a halter type bodice. This dress also shows off the flared sleeve look that’s been popping up around nationals. This blue dress just really stands out with its solid royal blue base and minimal stoning detail. Regal and elegant.

3. U14B winner Anna Sulger’s dress has a lovely ethereal quality to it. A white dress with pink, blue and yellow whimsical embroidery. The bodice extends over the tightly layered white skirt with a few mini-panels that continue the embroidery. And she had a stoned bow in her hair with her headband. Great look, great dancer! Congrats on the win!



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