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2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Fashion Wrap Up

Another great North American Irish Dance Championship has come and gone! Amazing talent as always and a few fun events! Jig made an appearance, a tribute to past IDTANA presidents and more. And of course, fabulously dressed dancers. Special shout out to judges Gavin and Isabella who were fantastically dressed all week. Some great outfits among the teachers as well!

If you review the posts from this week, you can see what was popular in each of the age groups. In this post, I’ll break down the newest trends. Older trends (like plisse and cupcake skirts and diagonal asymmetries) and more classic designs are certainly still popular and you can get a feel for that looking at the photo galleries. A classic and elegant dress will always be in style. But here are some new trends that came out of Nationals to keep an eye out for come Oireachtas time.

1. There was a split between asymmetric and symmetric dresses. Some age groups (like the U14-17 age groups) leaned more to the symmetric while other age groups (like the U8/9 and senior ladies) leaned more to symmetric. The newest symmetric dresses feature bold geometric designs so the effect is just as striking as the bold asymmetric dresses. For example, check out Gavin’s display at Nationals. Bold designs are in no matter which way you style it!

2. This design motif is catching on quite a bit. It almost looks like a big layered ribbon draped across the dress in contrasting directions. Done in many ways with a lot of different colors this week as opposed to the belt look which was only in a handful of dresses.

3. Creative and ornate asymmetric designs. Similar to the last trend, gone are the days when asymmetric dresses simply meant one side of your dress was one color. (As I side note, as I was looking for that dress, I was going through a post going over the dresses from the 2010 Worlds wondering if asymmetric would become a trend – I’d say it definitely has!) Asymmetric dresses at nationals had flames and swirls and embroidery, making true pieces of art on the dress.  Dresses with asymmetric designs are incorporating the skirt into the asymmetric design as well. For example, this gorgeous dress from Doire.

4. This new take on the wrap skirt has been popping up more and more recently. It looks like Geraldine Taylor is leading the way on this trend!

From dance.net

5. Doire also launched a new skirt style this NANs. Another way to drape fabric! Very elegant look.

6. Finally on the skirt front, the loose petal skirt has been popping up more and more frequently. Gavin has been using it more frequently and its popped up on other designers’ dresses as well. Very ethereal and balletic feel.

7. A trend that started at Worlds and has been continuing to be big – white dresses with silver, gold or stoned detail. A very regal look, fit for any Irish dancing princess! Love this look paired with stoned tiaras.

8. Another color design that’s popped up a bunch at Nationals was using green as a pop design in an otherwise white and black dress. For example, this Gavin dress. A trend to look out for come Oireachtas time!

9. Another way to drape fabric that popped up a good few times – along the skirt. This Doire dress (In other news, I would kill for that dress!) gets the jist! Fabric draped just at the skirt and over it slightly to look like a sash tied across the dancer. Classy look!

9. Speaking of colors, orange, red and yellow gave pink a run for it’s money in terms of the most popular colors at Nationals. But colors on the rise include bright blue and bright or kelly green, as well as a classic black and white dress. We’ll have to see if the warm colors stick around at the Oireachtas or if they give away to cooler colors.

10. Sequins! I mentioned that there were a few sequined dresses at Worlds and it looks like they’re here to stay. However, girls are using this design in tons of different ways. Some are using it as a bodice, some as accents, others as an asymmetric design piece. Loose and dangly, tight and sewn down, so many ways to style this trend!

11. Cuffing and flaring of wrists. One of the newest trends at Nationals was adding embellishments to the wrists of dresses. Either a ruffled, flared end or a bit of a cuff on the wrist before the arm ends. I don’t know who’s making these, but they were all over the place! Any ideas? My hunch is Siopa…

Harrington Photography

12. In terms of hair, I’m excited to say that the tiara look from Worlds is definitely catching on. It works perfectly on this dancer. I think with big stones and the right styling, it has the same contrast and definition as a headband, but looks a bit more elegant. Here’s one that’s on sale from Irish Dance Diva.

Olivia Tiara - Irish Dance Diva

13. I love this trend for the little girls – stoned bows used in place of headbands. Like a little Irish Minnie Mouse, a few girls in the U8 and U9 age group had a bow at the top of their head where it met the wig. Irish Dancing Diva also sells these!

Trend Setting Dresses

These dresses and outfits have elements aren’t part of any major trend yet, but could be quite popular in the majors to come. We’ll have to see what the designers and mainstream Irish dance crew think!

1. Popped collar. Possibly my favorite dress of the entire competition, the winner of the U9 had an adorable pink dress with an open corset. But what was really notable about her dress was the collar – a stoned, white, almost popped collar. As a Connecticut girl who once popped her collar in high school (my friends STILL make fun of me, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta submit to that preppy urge), I love it! I think it’s an overall very elegant look that looks great with a bun wig.

2. Another preppy look, this time from the boys! The third place winner in the boy’s U17 group rocked a vest that evoked a New England prep school with a crest in the corner. Absolutely obsessed with this!

3. The winner of the U13B split had another fabulous and different dress. A pattern of pink, black and white leaves wove it’s away along her bodice and then split over the skirt. Wonder if we’ll see a new wave of pattern inspired dresses!

Those were the stand out trends at Nationals! Which ones are you most likely to follow? Any other dresses or outfits that you loved and thought were on the cutting edge?



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  1. “2011 North American Irish Dance Championship – Fashion Wrap Up
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