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Would You Wear?

Would You Wear? – Colored Poodle Socks or Tights

Perfect timing after my past post about poodle sock perfection! Irish Central’s SJ Velasquez posted a great blog on the rules and history behind Irish Dance hosiery. The long and the short of it is that there is no rule on colored socks or tights. So for now, all colors are game! Read the rest of the blog for some fun history on colored feis wear!

So, now the question is: Would you wear colored poodle socks to a feis? What about colored tights?

I think this look would look best with really brightly colored dresses that feature only a few key colors. Dresses that have black in the design work really well because they compliment the black of the dance shoe standing out against the bright sock. It’s one of the reasons so many dresses feature black as a design element!

For example, this dress would work really well with colored poodle socks. It has a black background and a bright color palate featuring only a few colors. The yellow on the socks makes the dress design pop and still contrasts nicely against the black of the shoe.

This outfit has a little less contrast, but I think it’s also a pretty effect. Because there are only two colors in the dress (and one being white), the color on the sock doesn’t seem like overkill even though the dress doesn’t feature black. It still ties into the overall look of the dress. However, note that the contrast on the shoe is much less than in the yellow outfit. Something to keep in mind – good way to hide a less than perfect cross though! 😉

Finally this outfit is again one with black, but only on the embroidery detailing. However, even though it’s a small part of the dress,  the black really pulls the look together and makes the socks feel like part of the design rather than an offbeat accessory.

Like the look and want to try it out? Keep in mind the key things to pulling this look off:

1. Talk to your teacher – First and foremost! They may be very set against this very non-traditional look.

2. This works best on dresses with bright colors and black in the design or detailing.

3. It can still work on dresses with no black as long as there are very few (I would say a maximum of three) colors in the design.

4. Keep in mind the contrast between the color of the sock and your shoes. White socks are so classic because they maximize this contrast for a smart look.

5. Be confident. You’re definitely going to catch some stares, so if that shakes you… maybe this isn’t the look for you. But if you like being in the lime light, go for it!

What do you think? Would you wear it? Leave a comment and chime in!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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