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High Clicks

High Clicks – July 22nd, 2011

My first edition of High Clicks from my new (and first!) apartment! Big week for me! Let’s see what’s been going on around the Irish dance world this week. Happy Weekend! Good luck again to everyone dancing this weekend!

1. The 2011 CLRG British Nationals are on this weekend! Good look to everyone that’s competing!

2. The 2011 NAIDF Nationals were this past weekend in Valley Forge, PA. Congrats to everyone that danced and the qualifiers for the WIDA Worlds!

3. Check out Damien from Oxygen’s The Glee Project. Before joining the show, Damien toured with Celtic Thunder for many years.

4. Though not Irish dance, I think most of us can relate to Lifetime’s new show Dance Moms. We all know a crazy dance teacher or two out there but we love them anyways! This is definitely my new guilty pleasure!

5. I love this t-shirt that a dance.net member made for her daughter! Too cute – the shirt and the pictures! Sometimes you’ve got to just keep calm and dance it out.

6. The new Irish dance show, Ireland-the Show, opened this past week in Santa Barba, California. It features an impressive line up of dancers including Ashley Smith, Ciara Sexton, Sinead Fallon, Owen Barrington, Ethan Walker and Stewart McWhinnie! Here are some pictures from their dress rehearsal courtesy of Irish Central and an article about the show from the Santa Barba Independent. And here’s another article about the show’s opening from Irish Central!

7. A short article with interviews from Michael Flatley and Maire Clerkin of the show The Bad Arm. Great insight from both!

8. Some more videos from Camp Rince Ceol! Great work, dancers!

Older Campers do Hand Dancing

Showcase with Craig Ashurt (of the great warmup I posted a few weeks ago!) and Maggie Revis.

9. Any Irish dancers with birthdays coming up? How about an Irish dancing inspired cake like this one? Love it.

10. Proof that everyone makes mistakes, Irish dancing bloopers!

11. One of my favorite Irish dancewear shops, Billy Boutique, just posted a new blog post with pictures! Love their style.

12. Shelly Hathaway posted a great article on her experience at the North American Nationals. Love the picture of the team dancing. Great combination of color, determination and celtic knots.

13. Speaking of celtic knots, check out this video of celtic spirals coming to life! Love it! Choreography inspiration, anyone?

14. Check out the official video of the Jig World Record for longest line of dancers at the North American Nationals in Nashville!

15. Need some motivation to drill your hardshoe routines? Check out this clip from Celtic Fyre with some amazing acapella work from Scott Doherty and Mike Byrne.

16. And to help you think outside the box a bit, here’s a really interesting piece from Kiera Dance that matches modern dancing with Irish dancing and music. I think this is one of the first fusion pieces I’ve seen that actually melds the two styles very well! A nice flow between the styles.I particularly like the loose flowing rocks in the beginning – very cool.

17. And an inspiration to dance everywhere, just because! An adorable dancer with a band on a street in Dublin.

That’s it for this week! Find anything else great this week in Irish Dance? Let me know! Have a great weekend!


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