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High Clicks – July 29th, 2011

Last issue of high clicks for July! It’s been a competition filled month and I’ve loved it! Thanks again for all the support this month! Feisonista has grown tremendously since June and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been slacking a bit this week (first week of real world life!!) but I have a game plan going forward. So stay tuned for some great new articles and exciting new developments!

So, here’s what’s been going on in Irish dance this week:

1. This passed at the IDTANA convention at the North American Nationals and its great news for adult dancers! They can now dance slow speeds in adult competitions! Check out this Irish Central article that does a great job explaining the ruling and reactions.

2. RTE premiered its new Irish Dance reality show, Dance Off, this monday! It’s kind of a ‘Making the Band’ for an Irish dance show. Too cool. Check out an article previewing the show here!

3. Proof that you’re never too young to dance, how cute are these little pre-schoolers who have taken up Irish dance over the past year? Love their matching outfits.

4. Good news for vegan Irish dancers! Hallmore will make vegan friendly hard shoes! Check them out here.

5. Have a smart phone? Download the new Riverdance mobile app! It has pictures, videos, international tour dates and instant ticket purchasing!

6. IDM just came out with their August issue – Dressmaker special! Super exciting! Will have to try and get an issue!

7. Also IDM related, their annual dress designing contest is on again! Submit you design by midnight on September 30th, 2011. Check out the entry form here. Winner gets a free Michelle Lewis dress! Check out some of her recent dresses in my post on 2011 dressmaker styles.

8. Located in Great Britain or Ireland? Make a trip to check out the DVD release party for Jig in Birmingham also on September 30th! Check out the details here! You can also pre-order the UK DVD from a link on there as well.

9. The new Beoga CD How to Tune A Fish came out this week! You can read an article about the CD and the band here and also listen to samples. Absolutely in love with it! Great show music!

10. The CLRG British Nationals were last weekend! Congrats to all of the dancers! Here’s an Irish Central article with the top ten girls’ results from the event. And here are the boys. As a random note, I’ve never noticed Claire Greaney’s crown! Love, love it!

11. The 2nd NAIDF Nationals were held a few weekends ago in Valley Forge, PA. Here are some great pictures from the event.

12. Instructor Brian Sexton dancing in 1985 with his brother Danny. Love to see how styles have changed! Amazing rhythm. And Stamina! Love how the musician changes the tempo on the fly too. Not often you see fast and slow hornpipe together! I also quite like the non-black pants look too! Business casual Irish dancers! And how cute are the little dancers?

13. Nice interview with an ID school on Staten Island, NY. They were awarded a grant for an Irish dance concert! Congrats!

14. Check out this great acapella number with a percussionist from the O’Shea School! Love it! Shows off the amazing and varied  rhythm of Irish dance! Love their costumes as well!

15. Wanna learn a new Ceili dance? Why not start with the Walls of Limerick? It’s one of the easiest and funnest party ceili dances! And as this video proves, anyone can do it! Drag your friends!

16. Coming from a college Irish dance team that danced at our college basketball games, I love a good Irish half time show! Here’s a nice one from the Millennium School at a Ohio State game. Great combination of solid figures and footwork!

17. Another fun (international!) Irish dance related search story. I just love these!

18. A tribute to one of my favorite songs, gotta love some Barbara Streisand. And it’s a perfect treble reel! Well done, CRC dancers!

That’s all for this week! Anything you saw that was particularly fun or has you really excited? Let us know!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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