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Inspired by: Black Swan

In this edition of ‘Inspired by…’ I explore Black Swan inspiration in Irish dance dresses! In case you haven’t heard, Black Swan was a movie starring Natalie Portman that came out last year. It was a mental thriller that focused on a star ballerina being so obsessed with her role in Swan Lake that she actually turns into the swan. Great movie! It won several awards last year.

But one of the best parts of the movie was the fashion from Natalie’s practice wear to her beautiful couture costumes. Recently, Irish dance dresses have been popping up that have a similar feel to many of the costumes in Black Swan and beyond that, a growing ballet style in Irish dance dresses. IDM actually posed the question of Black Swan influences during the North American Nationals and I think it’s a definite possibility!

The clearest illustration of the Black Swan influence is in Gavin’s new skirt type. Petal, feather – whatever you want to call it, it definitely has a swan feel to it.

Here’s a picture from Gavin’s Facebook of one of the new skirts:

The shape of the skirt is a bit reminiscent of a tutu and the feathers definitely have a swan -type feel. Here’s a close up of the Rodarte designed white tutu that was used in Black Swan:

There, again, definitely is a feather feel. These feathers are more controlled and blended together, but it has the same effect. Here’s a picture of the tutu from a distance. Though more dramatic, it does have a similar shape as the Gavin skirt.

So what do you think? Is Irish dance fashion moving in the direction of ballet tutus? Do you see the connection in Gavin’s new skirt style?

Here are a few ballet inspired outfits for you to wear if you love the style!

An outfit for practicing at dance class! Layer shorts under the tutu and poodle socks under the leg warmers and you’re good to go! The black skirt and legwarmers match the black of our shoes and make it seem a little darker for the Black Swan vibe. But the pink cardigan brings back the light, elegant air of ballet! Don’t forget your ballet flats for walking to class! Remember to check your class dress code first, though!

practice - ballet
practice – ballet by Feisonista featuring cotton shirts

And here’s an outfit for everday! Classic styling with cute details is what it’s all about! Touches of lace and pops of color along with clean cut jeans and and a cardigan.

everyday - ballet
everyday – ballet by Feisonista featuring mid rise skinny jeans

And finally, an outfit for a night out. The styling on the bodice of this dress reminded me of the tutu from Black Swan. The skirt also had a bit of a similiar shape, though not as dramatic. Didn’t notice the price tag on the necklace, so ignore that but finish the outfit with a pop of color and classic shoes. And take a bow looking perfectly lovely.

night out - ballet
night out – ballet by Feisonista featuring platform shoes

What do you think? Do you see the connection between new Irish dance fashions and Black Swan? Like the ballet look in Irish dance or real life?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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