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Inspired By: The Sloppy Set by Burning Bridget Cleary

First of all, I hope everyone on the east coast made it through Irene! In this edition of Inspired by I’m doing a combination of a music spotlight and a fashion inspiration with Burning Bridget Cleary. Burning Bridget Cleary is an Irish music band out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. However, their crisp and infectious sound has … Continue reading

High Clicks – August 26th

Another week done! And, it’s the last full week of August already! Where did the time go? Can’t believe it. Best wishes to everyone on the east coast with the hurricane this weekend! Stay safe and dry! Make sure to have batteries for your stereo so you can practice when the lights go out… What … Continue reading

Inspired by: The Sneaky Steppers

For this edition of “Inspired by”, I’m featuring Irish dance outfits and real-life outfits inspired by The Sneaky Steppers! If you haven’t yet seen The Sneaky Steppers, check out their videos here! I love the premise. They ambush people with amazing Irish dancing and tap in everyday locations! Many of these dancers are champion dancers and … Continue reading

DIY: Makeup Board

Just a quick post on a project I did this weekend. Not super Irish dance related, but I figured that I know a lot of Irish dancers with tons of make up, so here’s an idea for organizing it! I got the idea from this blog. My twist on it is using a magnetic white … Continue reading

In Depth: Oireachtas Fashion Preview

It may be August but last week hit the 100 day to the Mid-Atlantic Oireachtas mark! It will be here before you know it. In that light, and from popular request, I’ve decided to do a preview of dress styles that I think will be popular at the Oireachtas. I’ve done a good bit of … Continue reading

New Look for Feisonista

Updated the site layout! Let me know what you think! Excited to play around with it!

High Clicks – August 19, 2011

Super exciting week in the Feisonista world! Diddlyi has started syndicating my posts on the online Diddlyi magazine. It features a lot of great Irish dance bloggers and Irish related articles. Truely honored to be part of it! Also, my first interview was this week with ADCRG Julie Showalter from the World Academy of Irish … Continue reading

Fashionable Feiser: Hannah Jarvis

If you’d like to be featured as a Fashionable Feiser, send me an email at feisonista@gmail.com. No worries if you’re not a World qualified dancer or the most “trendy” person on earth – I’m looking to showcase every dancer’s style from a beginner’s blouse to the World champion’s tiara. Just own your style, whatever it is! … Continue reading

Cutting Edge: Spotlight and Interview with Julie Showalter from the World Academy and Ellie Gibbler!

I’m so excited to have our first interview on Feisonista! Artist Director of the World Academy of Irish Dance and ADCRG Julie Showalter owns and designs for Ellie Gibbler and she was so nice to do an interview to go along with a product showcase for Ellie Gibbler! Ellie Gibbler first caught our eye at … Continue reading

Beating the Summer Irish Dance Doldrums

It’s the middle of August and summer is slowly winding down. Where I am, a lot of schools have already gone back! I know it’s hard to admit, but the summer is almost over. August is always a bit of a slow month and it’s no different in the Irish dance world. The North American … Continue reading

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