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Inspired by… The Jersey Shore!

I’ll admit it, I’m an absolute die-hard fan of the Jersey Shore. It is definitely my guilty pleasure.

This season, the Jersey Shore cast brings the party to Florence, Italy! I was just in Florence in June and it was one of my favorite places in Europe. It’s a hip, classy city with a lot of history. So, JS will fit right in…. Maybe, not.

Regardless of your opinion on the show, their flashy outfits and bold use of color are great inspirations for Irish dance outfits! Just avoid the booty shorts and risque cut-outs…

Here’s a picture of the cast in Italy! Getting the Irish dance connection out of this might seem like a huge stretch, but I love the show too much not to try!

First and foremost, the easy connection – tanning! These girls take tanning to the next level. Apparently they all now use sunless tanning, and considering how much these girls obsess over their tans, their sunless tanning methods must be pretty good! Don’t want to be quite so… orange? Check out this article with great tips on how to get a more natural looking tan. When all else fails, leave it to the professionals! Get a spray tan before you leave or book Feistan!

Onto the outfits! Snookie is rocking a rather bold animal print outfit. While I don’t think I would wear that particular outfit in public (unless I was going to a Jersey Shore party!), her dress actually reflects a recent Irish dance trend – animal print! Here, Snookie struts her animal print with confidence – and so should you! The key to wearing animal print is all in how its styled. While Snookie goes wild with her styling, animal print can be used as a classy background or applique if the rest of the dress is kept relatively simple. Take, for example, this dress from Doire Designs.

It still uses the same animal print as Snookie’s outfit, but it is extremely elegant and entirely appropriate for Irish dance. So, take Snookie’s example and don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with animal print! With a little styling, it turns from Jerseylicious to beautifully elegant and chic.

Next up, JWoww’s outfit! Her belted look with a pop of color is very in line with many Irish dance trends right now. Adding a bright color to an otherwise neutral dress is a great way to make a dress pop on stage. It’s unexpected and draws your eye. The key to this look is keeping the pop simple – one color and in a distinct design. A belt or shawl are good options. For example, take this Gavin dress!

The neutral color of the dress provides a great base for a bold design and a pop of color. It also incorporates a bit of the belted look that’s been growing in popularity recently. Take after JWoww and add a splash of color to a neutral dress! Just make sure your skirt is a little longer….

The last inspiration comes from Sammy! The “classier” girl among the four, she rocks a cute pink dress with white heels. The bright color of her dress is perfect for an Irish dance dress. And pink has been a very popular color among dance dresses recently! In fact, bright colors in general are popular right now. It makes sense! Bright colors catch the eye and stand out under bright lights. When paired with black or white, a bright color will really define a design and embroidery. Here are some dresses (all for sale on dance-again!) that take an Irish dance approach to Jersey shore brights!




So, take after Sammy and throw some bright colors into your solo dress! Done effectively (like these dresses above), it can make your dress really stand out! A solid black or white accent works wonders for making the bright colors look more refined. A black background can actually make a bright color seem even brighter!

Finally, here’s an outfit to wear for practice! Depending on your dress code, it could be a cute way to bring out your inner Jersey Shore girl – in a much classier way! A bright statement t-shirt paired with a black skort will make you feel like you’re dancing on the boardwalk. Don’t forget your New Jersey necklace for after practice!



jersey by feisonista featuring maya brenner jewelry


Do you love the Jersey Shore? Love to hate it? Bit of both? Find an inspiration from their bold fashion choices?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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