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Chic Dancewear Spotlight: Teamwear – Tops

This spotlight isn’t so much a spotlight on one particular company, but on styles for a team to wear to competitions. Part of doing well in a competition is getting your mind in the right mode and teamwear can really help with that! It also helps build school spirit which is especially valuable for ceili teams.

When I was dancing I used to admire the warmup jackets that different dance schools wore. Some were cute enough that you could wear them everyday! But recently, schools have been taking teamwear to the next level, beyond warm up suits. The outfit that really caught my eye and inspired this post is this one from the Mulhern school at the 2011 NANs. The adorable team rocked red sparkly skirts and navy blue tank-tops with rhinestone details. A cute bow and school details finish off the outfit. I absolutely love it.

The elements that make it work so well:

1. Basic color scheme. This makes the outfit bold without being overpowering, drawing the eye but not freaking it out. Keeps the outfit looking stylish and classy.

2. Stylish, but practical, ensemble. Adding sparkly ra-ra skirts to the outfit instead of shorts makes it look more like an outfit – something you could wear on your way home from a feis with equal confidence as when you’re in the feis. But, it still fits the fundamental purpose of competition wear – practicing!

3. Cute details. The red bow on the side of the tank top. The stoning and Irish dance shoe graphic that looks like a necklace on the shirt. Even the fact that the outfit’s colors are red, white and blue – perfect for the 4th of July weekend. Little details like that take any outfit, but teamwear in particular, to the next level.

T-shirts are not a new thing in the Irish dance world! I do remember the first time the vendors at Nationals had everyone’s name though – Exciting days! Every school makes their own for majors or other events throughout the year. However, some schools raise the bar when it comes to t-shirts. They find creative ways to make their t-shirts stand out and be appropriate for every day wear.

For example, the Goggin-Carroll baseball jerseys in this picture from Irish Central. The unique design of these shirts make them stand out and give them an Olympics-style vibe. They also button up which is perfect for quick changes at competitions! Again, stylish and practical. Nail both and you’re home free! I also love how the two girls in this picture are showing off two different ways to style this. When you can actually style teamwear, you know you’re doing it right!

Another way of update Irish dance shirts is by using a v-neck t-shirt. These shirts are not only more flattering, but also easier to dance in because of the lower neckline. I’m pretty sure 90% of the sorority t-shirts at my college were this style so that’s a testament to a well-fitting shirt! The low neckline also makes it possible to wear with a wig! Check out these t-shirts(Picture 6 in the gallery) from Cashel-Dennehy! Great style and a clever message on the front. Perfect! I throw my hands up in the air for this look. Sorry – couldn’t resist.

If your school is doing normal crewneck t-shirts, here‘s an easy way to add to the style factor from the Dunleavy Shaffer girls. Of course, before doing this – double check with your parents or anyone else who may have bought the shirt! And make sure you won’t be using it for stepouts, etc. But this extended neckline is more flattering and allows you to easily remove it over your wig! Check out this site for more DIY with plain t-shirts.

Hope that gives you some ideas. More to come later! What’s your favorite teamwear top? Any looks you love?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!



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