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High Clicks – August 19, 2011

Super exciting week in the Feisonista world! Diddlyi has started syndicating my posts on the online Diddlyi magazine. It features a lot of great Irish dance bloggers and Irish related articles. Truely honored to be part of it! Also, my first interview was this week with ADCRG Julie Showalter from the World Academy of Irish Dance and Ellie Gibbler. Check it out here if you haven’t read it yet.

Couldn’t do it without my readers! Thanks again for reading and sticking with me! You guys are the best.

On to the hottest links in the Irish dance world this week…

1. This video from the Ed Sullivan show. Words can’t express how awesome this video is.

2. Love this idea from Irish Central. Make your own Irish dancing notebook! Love a good DIY.

3. Check out the promo video for Ireland – the Show featuring several World Champions like Ciara Sexton and Ashley Smith. Great dancing, but even better hair! Anyone want to do my hair like that for work in the morning??

4. Cute video from IDM with Melanie Valdez who won the Minor Belt at the Feis at the Falls last weekend! Congrats! Still loooove that dress.

5. I wish my delayed flights were like this! Irish music and great Ottawa Valley Stepdancing (quite similiar to the Sean Nos style of Irish dancing) in the Toronto Airport! The beats sound great against that airport floor!

6. Love trivia? Want to know who has won the most World Championship titles? Check out the new blog Irish Dance Facts and follow on twitter @Irishdancefacts. Horray for more relatively useless but addicting Irish dance information to stockpile in your brain!

7. Check out Jig the Film online again this week! 15% off from Coco Rocha’s blog! You can also get 15% off through Feis America. Once again, this is so worth it. The quality is great and the movie is amazing.

Upcoming screenings:

Saturday 8/20, 6pm EST with Joe Bitter
Sunday 8/21, 6pm EST with Sue Bourne

8. Speaking of Coco Rocha, check out this article and video about Coco’s Irish dancing connections and watch her dance down the runway. Love it.

9. A brilliant review for Maire Clerkin’s “The Bad Arm: Confessions of a Dodgy Irish Dancer”. It played in NYC this week! It’s billed as the “antidote to Riverdance.” Sounds amazing and hilarious.

10. A great article on some of the fashions for boy’s outfits in Irish dancing, including the transition period that comes with accepting rhinestones!

11. Apparently Michael Flatley has retired. I give him a year of retirement before he busts out the headband again…

12. I posted Sneaky Stepper’s video tribute to the street artist Banksy last week. Absolutely amazing work. Here’s a link to an Irish Central article giving some background on the video!

13. New giveaways from the Irish Dance Network! You can enter daily to win a J&K Designs Irish dance pillow, pillowcase and blanket! Stay tuned for more information about the Irish Dance Network in an article later this week.

14. For all you Aussies, the Southern Stars Championship is doing a great raffle with some amazing prizes including the grand prize: a free custom dress from Jess Knight. Unfortunately, it’s only open to Australian residents, but it’s a great chance for all the Australian dancers out there!

15. Feis America has just uploaded a ton of pictures from this summer’s various feiseanna. Check them out to see if you’re there!

16. A cute article about 4 young Irish dancers from New Zealand with great results at the New Zealand Nationals who have big ambitions! Love the picture too!

17. Feisfeet has officially been launched! Check out their super fun slippers here.

18. One last Jig related post – they’ve posted pictures of the Jig Opening Premier! Check them out. Appearances from Julia O’Rourke, Coco Rocha, Joe Bitter (loving his pink sports coat..), Sue Bourne and tons of other familiar faces from the Irish dance world.

That’s all for this week! Did you find anything else from the Irish dance world this week? Have a great weekend!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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