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Inspired by: The Sneaky Steppers

For this edition of “Inspired by”, I’m featuring Irish dance outfits and real-life outfits inspired by The Sneaky Steppers!

If you haven’t yet seen The Sneaky Steppers, check out their videos here! I love the premise. They ambush people with amazing Irish dancing and tap in everyday locations! Many of these dancers are champion dancers and touring with international shows! They’re the street ambush crew of the show Hammerstep – a cool show that combines several different types of dance, including Irish. Check out the Sneaky Steppers and Hammerstep on Facebook as well!

My personal favorite video is their most recent, the “Banksy Tribute Sneak.”

Some elements of their style:

1. Casual, everyday wear. One of the reasons their videos are so great is that they’re dancing in everyday wear, in everyday places! Just randomly spreading Irish dance!

2. In the same light, a casual air in their dancing. No forced steps or very rigid arms – just fluid movement with amazing rhythm.

3. “Smart” styling. They may be casual, but they still look fantastic! They’re always wearing clothes that fit well and are stylish, even when they’re wearing hoodies.

4. Dark Ensembles. The other main element of their style is a darker styling. They tend to wear darker jeans and shirts in a dark grey, brown or black. A classic look and perfect for sneaking!

5. Humor. Always tongue in cheek and well aware of the reaction their random dancing is going to get. They do it in good fun, never taking themselves too seriously! Always a good quality of an Irish dancer!

Irish Dance Outfits with a Sneaky Stepper Feel:

1. This Doire dress. The dark blue on the bottom of this dress evokes the smart, tailored jeans of the Sneaky Steppers! The collar also adds to the overall tailored, stylish look, just like the Sneaky Steppers!

2. This dress for sale right now on Dance-again! This dress has darker tones, reflecting the Sneaky Steppers’ dark, classic styling. But the wrapped skirt and swirled design still give it a light and casual feel!

3. This boys’s outfit. Of course, the ever stylish Joe Bitter. This outfit has the smart tailoring and dark colors that are key to the Sneaky look. But, the military embellishments show that Joe likes to have fun with his outfit and makes it look a little more like something you might wear everyday. The military style is big right now – inside and outside the Irish dance world!

Real Life Outfits with a Sneaky Stepper Feel: 

sneaky girl
sneaky girl by feisonista featuring dark wash jeans

1. For girls. A dark and tailored, yet casual outfit! Add black oxfords to mimic the look of hard shoes and finish the look off with a light scarf – it doubles as a great disguise!

sneaky-boys by feisonista on Polyvore.com

2. For guys. Again, a tailored and dark look that’s still casual. Don’t forget your hardshoes so you can sneak all over town! Or pair it with any dark shoe, like the one in the picture!

Now that you’ve got the style – go out and sneak!

Here’s a great video that was inspired by the Sneaky Steppers. Irish dancers dance everywhere all the time anyways. Might as well make it a show.

Do you love the Sneaky Steppers as well? What’s your favorite video? Have they inspired you in your dancing or style?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


2 thoughts on “Inspired by: The Sneaky Steppers

  1. This is cool!! I LOOOVE reading these “Inspired By:” pages.. You should do one for “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!” They have some excellent dresses on that show!

    Posted by Adrienne | August 28, 2011, 10:58 pm


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