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Inspired By: The Sloppy Set by Burning Bridget Cleary

First of all, I hope everyone on the east coast made it through Irene!

In this edition of Inspired by I’m doing a combination of a music spotlight and a fashion inspiration with Burning Bridget Cleary.

Burning Bridget Cleary is an Irish music band out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. However, their crisp and infectious sound has shot them into the worldwide spotlight! The Irish American News recently called them, “One of the most exciting bands I’ve seen in the last couple of years!” and acousticmusicscene.com called them, “the Allman Brothers of Celtic fiddle bands, only prettier.” Check out their website, burningbridgetcleary.com for more information on the band, their music and their story.

I was listening to Ceol na nGael, the Irish music radio show on WFUV from Fordham University in NYC and absolutely fell in love with their track “The Sloppy Set.” For me, tt’s a gorgeous slip jig track that is everything a slip jig should be. Etheral yet pretty and light, with an emphasis on all the right beats to perfectly compliment dancing. Check it out here (the first track on the Music page). A review of the album described the track as, “The second dance set on the album, this one includes a quiet jig. The set brings to mind lords and ladies dancing a quadrille in a gilded ballroom while the wallflowers sip punch on the sidelines, hoping for their chance at a spin around the floor.” I agree completely.

I found myself dancing around the apartment listening to it. It’s perfect for a flowing, twirling slip jig – Countess Cathleen style like this Joanne Doyle version (my favorite).

Irish Dance Outfits Inspired by The Sloppy Set

1. Like the song, this dress’s skirt (on sale on Dance Again) is soft and flowing. I can visualize it moving beautifully with turns and spins that go so well with this song. The green and blue colors also emphasize the ethereal tone of the song. Last but not least, the swirling embroidery accents reflect the song’s up and down lilt! Pair this dress with a choreography full of spins and cute details – some side by side rocks or an extended foot turn. Don’t forget a carefree smile!

2. This dress (also on sale on Dance Again) goes more with the second half of the song. While still carefree, I get more of an elegant tone from it. The dress’s loose and light but structured skirt give it a sweet feel while still being poised and in control. Less Sound of Music and more Audrey Hepburn. Pair it with very controlled spins like skater jumps and strong cross-stage movements like alternating feet side steps. The Countess Cathleen solo above is a perfect example of a strong yet graceful slip jig.

Real Life Outfits Inspired by The Sloppy Set

set1 by feisonista featuring vintage necklaces

1. The first outfit combines the carefree tone of the first tune with the elegance on the second tune. High heel sandals add sophistication to this wonderful dress while leaving it loose and casual. Keep the accessorizing fairly simple to keep the light vibe. The locket finishes off the outfit with just a touch of old-world charm – just enough class with a youthful, dreamy tone. I think lockets should stage a comeback! I love the look.



set2 by feisonista featuring flat shoes


2. The second outfit is even simpler! This dress has been spotted on Taylor Swift and I can’t imagine anyone to better represent the feeling of this song. To keep the focus on the dress, play this outfit very minimal and just pair it with fun, whimsical sandals. And of course, a big field to twirl in! To really finish out the outfit, do you hair in cute curls… a little less intense than your dance curls though!

What do you think? Do you love the song and Burning Bridget Cleary? What about the outfits – in real life and Irish dance? Do you get choreography or fashion inspiration from music?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers.



4 thoughts on “Inspired By: The Sloppy Set by Burning Bridget Cleary

  1. Love Burning Bridget Cleary. Adorable dresses as well. I’m such a fan of a pretty slip jig.

    Posted by Caitlin K | August 30, 2011, 9:48 pm
  2. that song the sloppy set, is actually a copy cat of the song Soggy’s/Waterboogie by Beoga

    Posted by emily | August 31, 2011, 9:53 pm
    • My guess (because I haven’t head the song from Beoga recently- though they’re one of my other favorite Irish bands) is that “Soggy’s” is a traditional tune that many bands play, similar to Irish dance sets. King of the Fairies is the same tune, but everyone who plays it puts their own spin on it. I can’t confirm that, but that would be my guess. A lot of the tunes that Irish bands play aren’t original but rather arrangements of familiar tunes.

      Posted by feisonista | August 31, 2011, 10:12 pm


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