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High Clicks – September 5th

First of all, sorry this is a few days late! Hope you enjoy it still! Happy September!

1. Sad news to start, unfortunately. Ann Richens passed away this past week. My thought and prayers are with her family and friends. An inspirational woman in the Irish Dance community that will be very much missed.

2. Check out the Victorian Irish Dance Championship’s 2011 Parade of Champions. Congrats to all the dancers! How cute is the first little girl? Loved the dancer at 5:07 all around – great dancer and a great outfit!

3. Jig made its TV premier this week on BBC2! Check out some of the reviews! They sound pretty positive right now. Here’s another good one!

4. A nice article about Nick Paulson who just won at the British Nationals!

5. September always marks the beginning of fall to me, with school starting and temperatures starting to drop. Check out this Irish Central article for advice on how to stay confident in all your competitions this fall. Especially good if you haven’t competed this summer!

6. Need some inspiration to work on your rhythm? Check out this tap/Irish acapella from Joe Duffey!

7. Love the synchronized footwork at the end of this video! The pictures are great as well.

8. This is adorable. American Girl Dolls doing Irish dance via stop motion!

9. New Colin Dunne show – Out of Time? Super intrigued! It looks pretty cool. Here’s the promo video.

10. Want to try on a more natural look at your next feis? Check out this tutorial for lighter Irish dance makeup!

11. Great video of the Hatfield Sisters at the Milwaukee Irish festival with dancers Bernadette Deveraux, Christina Dolzall and Craig Ashurst – all Lord of the Dance or Riverdance members!

12. Have experience digitizing designs and embroidery? Love Doire Designs’ work? They’re hiring! Check out this post for more details. Dream job!

13. This is the best thing ever. An Italian game show makes contestants guess the Irish dancer from just their heads while their dancing. Can you pick out the Irish dancer? Wish I could understand the contestant’s explanations!

14. I love vintage type things and this profile of an Irish dancer with a wig on is right up that alley! Very cute idea.

15. IDM is also hiring a part-time freelance writer for their “British Beat” section! Great opportunity for British writers! Yet another time I wish I lived in GB… They’re also hiring a British university student for their first “IDM Apprentice”! Too cool.

16. Planning on attending the 2012 CLRG All-Irelands? Check this message from CLRG before you book anything. The schedule is going to be a bit different this year apparently.

That’s all I have for right now! Let me know if you’ve found anything else this week! Happy Labor day to my American readers!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


2 thoughts on “High Clicks – September 5th

  1. The Italian contestants both thought contestant #2’s turnout was too classical (!) to be Irish. The first contestants ruled out gentleman #1 because his style didn’t look Irish. The second contestants thought gentleman #3 was too classical, too, and that contestant #4’s movements looked “more Irish.” And, yes, I picked out the true Irish dancer!

    Posted by NancyP | September 6, 2011, 1:03 pm


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