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High Clicks – Sept. 16th, 2011

So I’ve been slacking hard core this week! My apologies! No worries – tomorrow I’ll have tons of great new articles, so stay tuned. Happy halfway to St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

1. Reviews are out for Noctu’s NYC debut! Unfortunately, they’re a bit split from the not great (and another from the NYTimes)to a slight step forward to the fabulous.  Still would love to see it because it sounds so interesting! Have to start moving forward somewhere! All the reviews from Irish dancers are raving about it, so I’m taking the bad reviews with a bit of salt.

2. Inishfree School on Sesame Street! So, so adorable.

3. Need some help with your timing? Check out this online metronome from Feis America via Trinity.

4. Photo Magic put up the award presentations for the An Comhdhail All-Irelands and Internationals! A lot of fun dresses to check out. I’m CLRG so I love seeing dresses we haven’t seen before! Most of the big name dress makers make dresses for both organizations. Here’s the U17 girls:

5. A lovely slip jig solo to Countess Cathleen from the Netherlands. Great effortless style.

6. Another nice routine from Europe! A soft shoe – hard shoe choreography at Celtica in Italy! Love the way they integrate the age groups with everyone looking very professional. Very cute costumes as well.

7. I love this. A spontaneous Irish dance – Rap performance. I always thought that Irish dance and rap would be a great combo with the emphasis on rhythm from both.

8. In typical Michael Flatley fashion, here he is talking about potentially producing an X-Factor style Irish dance show to look for the next Lord of the Dance. An Gig Jig on a large scale? Side-note, he hasn’t watched TV in 25 years? I mean, I don’t watch TV too often, but really?

9. Lord of the Dance 3D was released on video this week! Check out this youtube clip from the show if you haven’t seen it yet. It was pretty fabulous in a very over the top kind of way. Ciara Sexton is unbelievable.

10. Need some inspiration? Check out this dance.net post with quotes about hard work! It’s what you need to get to the top.

11. Realta Rince just updated their website. Love the website design (I usually hate music on websites, but I don’t mind this!) and their new dresses.

12. The Sneaky Steppers were in middle east recently and filmed a video. Can’t wait to see the holy sneak. In the mean, check out this pretty hilarious photo of them.

13. Hullachan and Feis 411 are now also IDN sponsors. Check out my spotlight on them from last week.

14. Have any questions for World Champ Ashley Smith? IDM will be featuring her answers in the November issue for an Oireachtas special! Any vendors with Oireachtas goodies should email them as well!

15. Platform shoes are all the rage right now, but sometimes they can look a bit like hard shoes! What do you think?

16. Last but not least, Diddlyi Learn just launched their next dance master – Paula Goulding. Super great opportunity to improve your dancing. The Ciara Sexton masterclass was fantastic, so I can imagine Paula’s will be as well!

That’s it for this week! Have a great weekend! Keep a look out for trends if you’re feising!

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!




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