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Fashionable Feiser

Fashionable Feiser: Sam Painter

If you’d like to be featured as a Fashionable Feiser, send me an email at feisonista@gmail.com. No worries if you’re not a World qualified dancer or the most ”trendy” person on earth – I’m looking to showcase every dancer’s style from a beginner’s blouse to the World champion’s tiara. Just own your style, whatever it is!

For the next Fashionable Feiser it’s Sam Painter – a Prelim dancer from Clann na Cara!

What’s your personal style like?

I’d say that my personal style is somewhat “preppy” in my day to day life.  I love wearing polos and cardigans but instead of khakis I like jeans.  I also love to wear my Sperry’s too.  But honestly, comfort is key, for more casual days I love yoga pants and t-shirts, they are so comfy! For something a little dressier I love maxi dresses because they are so comfortable and easy to wear.

What influences your personal style?

I just wear what I like.  I somewhat follow trends but I’d rather just be happy with what I like instead of trying to follow trends that just aren’t me.  I’ve always love zebra print, even before animal prints came into style, but I’ve just kept it as part of my style.

Do you have any favorite “real life” style trends right now?

I really like how things are more flowy and rufflely right now, more girly.  I also love animal prints, too!

What’s your background in Irish dance?

I started dancing when I was five and have been dancing ever since.  I started competing around 10 and my favorite part of the summer is feising!  My current school, Clann Na Cara, is really involved with doing shows as well as competing. We do tons of shows and had about 10 shows alone on St. Patrick’s Day; it’s really a lot of fun, minus all the blisters.

 What’s your Irish dance style like?

One word, BLING, the more the better! I wouldn’t say that my dress is overly blingly (mostly because my mom doesn’t think I need anymore). I like to stand out, but since I often compete in the oldest age group at feisanna, I like to look classy.  When I was dancing slip jig, I tried to look more elegant but now that I’m dancing reel I want my look to be a little more sassy. I think in order to do well in Prelim, you have to look the part.

Do you have a solo dress? What’s it like? Is it your dream dress? What would your dream dress look like?

Yes, I have a custom made dress from Colleen O’Neill.  I helped design it and it is a three tier skirt with teal sparkle velvet.  Even though this is my first custom dress, I’ve always chosen solo dresses that had the letter “S” on it, because it’s my initial, and it makes it special to me.  On each pleat of the skirt there is the new grange design which is also special to me because it connects the letter “S” together in different directions.  My favorite part of my dress is the under skirt, because its zebra print, which I think adds a little surprise whenever I do a slice.

Do you have any favorite Irish dance styles right now? What about designers? Any accessories that you love?

For dresses I love dresses that incorporate Celtic knot work but are still modern.  Gavin Doherty is my favorite designer just because he loves to push the envelope and create new trends. For the boys I really like the new trends of sequin fabrics that Celtic Star has been using.  I like how waistcoats are becoming more and more unique.

Personally, I try my best to update my feis look to follow the trends, without having to get a dress.  I always wear sparkle socks to every feis.  I love to wear a combination of sparkly crowns too.  I have one headband that matches my dress and has some rhinestones on it.  I put a narrow clear rhinestone headband over top that to add more bling.  But more recently since the trend of the big tiaras has emerged I also added a larger tiara on top on that.  I love how bows and flowers have also come back into play.  I have a small bow that matches my dress with a rhinestone in the middle that I sometimes wear on one side. Additionally, I have a larger golden sequin bow and I added a rhinestone flower pin in the middle for extra bling! My friend, Gannon Connors, picked out for me.  After he had seen all the new trends at the Worlds this year, he thought I could use some more bling and sparkle, but I only wear it at feisanna where there are stage lights to show off the extra sparkle.

Lastly, I love sparkle buckles!  I had one pair of clear square rhinestone buckles where I glued scrap fabric from my dress into the middle, so they would match.  Sadly they broke, so I just took an old pair of my square holographic buckles and took nail polish that matched my dress to make them stand out, and then glued a few tiny matching rhinestone on for extra bling, but they are falling off.

Does your real life style influence your Irish dance style? How about vice versa?

I think my styles crossover somewhat.  I think that my Irish dance style has more of an impact on my daily style.  I love to incorporate sparkly and blingy accessories into my regular style.  It just gives you that extra edge and sass that can get you noticed.

Do you have any last words of advice for a feisonista?

When in doubt, bling it up!

Love Sam’s style? Love the same styles she does? Get any inspiration for your own style in real life or Irish dance?

Stay Fashionable, Feisers!


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