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Cutting Edge: The Irish Dancing Network

In this edition of cutting edge, I’m looking into The Irish Dance Network. It’s a new service designed to give back to the Irish dance community! I got the chance to talk to IDN recently and here’s what they had to say about the new venture! Why did you develop the IDN? We developed the … Continue reading

High Clicks – September 5th

First of all, sorry this is a few days late! Hope you enjoy it still! Happy September! 1. Sad news to start, unfortunately. Ann Richens passed away this past week. My thought and prayers are with her family and friends. An inspirational woman in the Irish Dance community that will be very much missed. 2. … Continue reading

Back to work!

Sorry about the lack of posts this week! Wonderful minivacation with the best boyfriend ever. Back to Feisonista tonight!!

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